Saturday, October 16, 2021

ANGELS...I hear you...


Thanks always hey?  for calling through. Thanks always also for allowing me to PLACE the call when needed. 

Because sometimes I need that. 

Of course we are talking about Archangel Azrael and the ability to access THE BRIDGE.  

The bridge of course being our 'knowingness' as to the messages that are coming to us from those loved ones (ancestors in some cases) who have passed....

ALSO THEIR 'able-ness' to be able to send messages TO US...thanks always Archangel Azrael. 

In gratitude, 

Love you all and so do your Angels

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Archangel AZRAEL...the Bridge!



***if you remember I Believe I shared that we would be talking about Each one of the 15 Archangels…AND WE are doing that.

This Archangel is a big one…in that he/she is a BRIDGE…between this life..and the next.
**and please note that I say he/she as it is common knowledge when working with past lives (*which is also Archangel Azrael's 'field of knowledge') that from 'life to life to life to life' we are masculine and feminine ... based on our Soul Path Purpose..which is REALLY the point of the Soul isn't it.

Well, here we are AT OUR ROOTS.
together with Archangel Azrael.
feels good - lets go.
Ok quick points how does Azrael work with you?

if you want to send messages to people who have passed…even ancestors whom you did not ‘personally’ know…Azrael will deliver these messages ‘across the bridge’….ALSO PLEASE NOTE that messages will come your way(through dreams…or ‘ideas’) that you believe are just your imagination however sometimes they are Archangel Azrael delivering a message from ‘someone on the other side of the bridge’

Consider this. Spend time with this.

**keep in mind that ONLY POSITIVE and CONFIDENT messages are sent thru Azrael (any other messages are only Lower Self talking! KNOW THE DIFFERENCE)

In meditation breathe deeply and exhale fully…(AT LEAST 3 times) …’

Archangel Azrael, please help me to send my messages of love and requests for assistance and guidance to my ancestors guides and loved ones. Also help me to receive Strength and guidance, love and support in all that I do here. Tell them that I love them..thanks for loving me back’

Love you all and so do your Angels,

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Thursday, October 7, 2021


Here's the deal guys. OF COURSE i have my 'quiet space' to meditate and connect. and I do so with you all... HOWEVER.....THIS particular image is a DIFFERENT SPACE ...which carries even deeper Energy , memories and LOVE for me.  

this is another one of the spaces in my home that carries memories ... and it is a COLLECTION of 'things' that brings back recollection of STRENGTH.....and memories. EVERY SINGLE PIECE in this photo tells a story. 

Every single piece warms my heart...and strengthens me...because every single bit of this tells 'my story'. 

Do you have this space? I KNOW that you do....please do CELEBRATE it.  I know I do.  Love you all....thanks for sharing always with me.  

Shining blessing and Angel Light always you way, 

Stacey :)