Tuesday, October 30, 2012

You don't know what you are doing?

So? So what! Lots of times in life we have no idea what we are doing with no idea how to proceed. We just don't KNOW what to do about a certain situation or what the next step might be.
We might have a very clear picture of what we might like our end result to be but as for how to go about achieving that result?  NO CLUE.
Do not let this stop you from moving forward.  EVEN LATERAL MOVEMENT IS BETTER THAN NO MOVEMENT AT ALL!  Just keep moving, keep doing, keep asking, keep trying, keep believing.

...and ask for help.  Put it out there. Let people in your circle know that you need help. Tell a friend, ask online, share with your family and partner with some like minded individuals.  Ask your guides, the Angels and Source to give you some direction on the NEXT STEP to take. Allow all of them the opportunity to assist you.  Who says you have to do this ALL ON YOUR OWN?

Even if the answer today does not seem to be the answer for tomorrow....TRUST. Take the guidance and direction you receive today and trust that tomorrow there will be more guidance, more help and more steps to take.

You KNOW what you are doing!  You are MOVING FORWARD, one step at a time surrounded by a circle of support, strength, faith, belief and sincere well wishes - MINE!
Keep shining!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Peace to our Skies~ Blessings to our hearts

Sending blessings to all - stay warm, stay safe -
 know Archangel blessings surround you and all you hold dear.
Shining on you and yours.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

FEEL the Emotion ~ Don't BE the Emotion!

Emotions yank us all around on our Life Path like we are a disobedient dog on a chain.

They are the balloon that lifts us up and gently carries us through our day as well as the ball and chain that holds us in one spot making it completely impossible to move forward, backward....or anywhere at all!  What I call the 'frozen emotions' which are the reactions to certain situations, relationships, comments, personal obstacles that simply leave us....feeling numb and 'frozen in time'.  Also, the age old; fear, anxiety, doubt, apprehension feelings that can, if left unchallenged become a comfortable rut from where to go about your daily business. These feelings can most easily take over a lifestyle until they become part of your personality; you begin to operate all situations and make your decisions while in a constant state of fear, anxiety and/or self doubt.

Or, you can take off the dog collar, the leash, the balloons, the ball and chain and simply feel EMOTIONALLY FREE. 
It is your choice.  
Am I saying that by reading on you will NEVER experience another moment of self doubt? fear? sadness? grief? happiness? etc.  No, I am not saying that - however I am suggesting that with a subtle PERCEPTION CHANGE you WILL be able to have a better acceptance and understanding of how you can work comfortably with your emotions while still navigating your life on a steady course.
Recognizing our emotions that flit through our conscious mind as signs and signals to ourselves that we experience on a physical and emotional level while on our journey here. They are all a part of the master plan for us to learn and to grow and to EXPERIENCE REAL LIFE challenges and situations and relationships...and this is not all the time 'happy situation' however this is all the time 'soul learning situations' and sometimes these situations are tough going, depressing and in some cases, devastating.

To explain further,  EVERY TIME we go about our daily business and experience our whirlwind of emotional states throughout the day we are growing our Soul forward on this physical journey as this is a large part of what we are here to do. Society tells us that we are 'supposed to be' happy, peaceful, joyful all of the time however this is not the case.  We are here to experience and exhibit ALL of the emotions ALL of the time.  Some of those experiences include being happy that the mail came early, sad because it's only bills, anxious because it's garbage day and you forgot to put the bins out over to the really stronger level emotions; fearful about losing a job position, distrustful of your current relationship, fearful and intensely sad for the health of a loved one.
Now, with a perception change, this does not eradicate feelings entirely because this would be counter-productive to our journey however it does allow us at certain times to be able to NOTICE these emotions as simply emotions to be experienced and BE ALLOWED into our daily life. DON'T shut them out, DO notice them, DO allow them in to be experienced however DON'T allow them to take over your entire SELF....experience them and STILL ALLOW your Self to be your Self, NOT the emotion.
For example, when you feel happy; FULLY experience this emotion! This is one that can lift you up and enhance your ability to move forward, effect positive change and create possibility.  Conversely, when you feel sad, anxious or fearful also fully experience this emotion.  Now, these are emotions that are also being experienced for a reason. Generally these emotions bubble to the surface as guidance to effect change or conversely urge you to adapt more openly to a certain situation. They can teach you to walk freely to the NEXT opportunity because this one no longer serves you well as it leaves you in a constant state of sadness,anxiety or fear and SO, you have nothing to lose by moving on - so GO!     With this perception change you are able to recognize that YOU KNOW that this is an emotion that is meant to be experienced as such' an emotion, an experience. This emotion IS NOT YOU - this emotion is a feeling being experienced by you.  As you are able to shift this perception of your emotions you are able to experience your emotions as such while still enabling you to move forward.  This allows you to detach if you will from overwhelming feelings that threaten over time to stop or at least impede your ability to function as you would normally be able to operate and make decisions when in a peaceful or joyful state. Use these emotions to your benefit! Notice them popping into your Self's awareness and take from them the guidance message that is within them while continuing to honour your Self as merely noticing and experiencing these emotions and not by BEING the emotion.
Some emotions are so strong in their capacity to hold our attention - for a reason.  Don't simply detach and look at them objectively without appreciating them in the moment for their ability to heal, to make us stronger or to guide us to our next opportunity. This does not make the process any more enjoyable or peaceful necessarily - some pathways are 'emotionally rocky' and are engineered specifically to be that way.  An example here is the grief process. Each of the stages of grief must be experienced to the fullest in order for ourselves to be able to emerge from this process healthfully.  Denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance are all very intense emotions through this process that must be honoured, recognized, fully experienced and must not be 'rushed through' as part of this healthy and natural process.  At this point, you are still able to recognize these emotions as being experiences on your healing path while even to a small degree under all of these emotions you are aware that when the proper allotment of time is allowed to each stage, the Self is able to emerge from this process as fully healed and stronger and forever transformed from this experience on a Soul level.  That is not to say that this type of experience is deemed beneficial but simply a painful part yet a normal part of our Life plan while we are here.   Don't rush the process. 

Today, if you are FEELING sad, mad, glad, bad or whatever the case may be.....CONSIDER a PERCEPTION CHANGE. Reach outside these emotions to your other senses and NOTICE what else is around you physically, emotionally, mentally and embrace these other experiences, relationships, conversations, commitments etc.   FEEL all of it - ALLOW yourself to notice and experience EVERY emotion without judgement as it is your RIGHT  on  your path to do so.  All a part of the journey.
 Feel emotion and BE your SELF.  

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Energy IS working!

Sometimes we just need to know that the Energy is working! We ask for the Universe to 'throw us a bone'!  For all the asking, the do-gooding, the following the intuition, the waiting patiently, the forging ahead....sometimes it gets to the point of exasperation and disappointment....WHERE is the point??  WHAT is the point?
And then it happens - a phone call with a friend, a chance request from a colleague, an invitation in the mail to an event that proves to be life enhancing and spiritually charging!
Many times - dare I say it?  EVERY time that we are close to breaking through some personal barrier be it real or imagined, physical obstacle or emotional obstacle; the Energy DOES NOT seem to be 'working'.
WHY would you put down your flashlight and sit down in the dark JUST because you are frustrated and tired.  Is it better to be frustrated and tired and in the dark or is it better to be frustrated and tired holding a flashlight working your way to your Truth?  C'mon now!
It's OKAY to be frustrated and tired. It's OKAY to have a good old rant and maybe a few tears or two because sometimes when you do this emotional outburst, it unlocks a door within or opens a window around you and you are clearly able to see 'the next step' to get your journey moving again!
Allow yourself the emotional freedom to BE YOU on your journey. Keep sending your ENERGY into all the right places today and every day.  The Energy IS WORKING....and so are you....and so are your Angels and Guides. You are all on the same page so hold your flashlight HIGH today and KEEP GOING!  Great things are right around the corner!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Archangel Uriel - Make your COMMITMENT!

Today. Make a commitment today. Obligate, undertake, dedicate....commit.  You KNOW in your heart where your commitment lies. Archangel Uriel ensures that through our gut feeling, intuition and 'inner knowingness' we can FEEL our way forward on this. That urging that has been at the side or the back of your mind for a while?  That is Archangel Uriel leading you forward down your Path.  It might not SEEM to be forward in some instances - sometimes it seems like a sideways motion, sometimes taking 2 steps forward and 1 step back and SOMETIMES the urging SEEMS to be coming from a different path altogether.

I guarantee you though - if you are feeling Archangel Uriel tugging away at you and you are kind of hearing and kind of not hearing, 'to-ing and fro-ing' a little bit on whether to actually COMMIT to this guidance - you will not be going anywhere at all. Stand still, be stuck, stay where you are EVEN THOUGH there are better things ahead.....is that your choice??!

No, of course not!  COMMIT to your inner knowing-ness, your inner guidance and by doing so you are committing to Archangel Uriel and ALL of your Angels. Put your trust and faith in their ability to lead you FORWARD!

Sunday, October 14, 2012


So, people ask me "How do I stop the negative feelings and thoughts that always seem to be around me?".  A fair question. We ALL go through times in our lives where the loop of negative thinking seems to be on overdrive. These thoughts can be just a moment of light self doubt or it can be or become a  loop of incessant negative chatter can become so loud that it overrides everything else and everybody else in our waking life - and sometimes through our Dreamtime as well. How do we get it to stop?
Don't 'STOP' it.
 It is a part of our journey to have these isolated negative thoughts or a barrage of negative thoughts and feelings come and go within ourselves as we progress down our path. You are not alone. YOU are NOT negative - the thoughts are all part of the deal.
Do 'ACT' on it.
Just because you have negative thoughts does not mean you have to live in the dark.  Ask your Angels to help you. They are always by your side but have a FAR GREATER ability to actively help you WHEN YOU ASK for their assistance.  So ask out loud or in your head "Please Angels, help me to turn on my Light, show me the Light around me so I can shine it in my Life path"
Your Angels will respond by showing you past memories of happy times, send a kind person into your pathway who in turn does something to brighten your path, play your favourite song on the radio or a myriad of other ways in which they will SHOW YOU that there is Light around you.  THIS is what you ACT ON.
HOLD onto what they show you, focus on these acts of kindness that happen around you and inspire you to act with kindness also....to your Self firstly and then around you.  Write these memories/happenings/instances down if you have to as a reminder for when your Light begins to dim a little....you can refer to your list - REMEMBER THE LIGHT - and stoke the fires of Light within you. As your Light becomes brighter and brighter as you learn to pay attention to the signs, symbols, memories and positive thought patterns or flashes that your Angels are continuing to send your way - your Light becomes bright enough to shine on and show you that there is a .... Light switch on the wall!     You move over to it, click the switch and the room is bathed in Light!  You are shining brightly and so is your Life Path.
Sometimes it can be a journey through the dark with your flashlight.....stay the course.  DO THE WORK and KEEP NOTICING the signs, symbols and inspirations your Angel Team is giving you to keep your flashlight shining brighter and brighter.
By focusing on the Light, you are not necessarily 'taking away the dark' - it is still there - HOWEVER, when your Light and the Light around you is shining so brightly that it holds your attention - the 'dark' ceases to matter.  The Light that is now around you has DIFFUSED the dark and with it any power it had over you to pull you down.  The Light has lifted you up and out of it. Continue to allow this Light to shine into your Path today and every day. NOTICE the Light around you! Focus on it!
Shine on Angel Team!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Archangel Raguel "Shakes your tree"

....and after I had posted the previous messages on behalf of Archangel Raguel - he added some clarification;

This is NOT to say that everything that comes along is to be accepted and embraced as to 'how it is now....oh dear'....
No, not always. SOMETIMES when things come along your way at the right moment that is not exactly or not at all what you had hoped for/ wished for / asked for etc.  It IS the right moment in that it catapults you FORWARD INTO ACTION to ensure that THIS situation turns around.  This moment MOVES YOU FORWARD in that previously you were drifting along asking/hoping/praying that things would change for the better and .... change they did - however, NOT for the better! (you feel at this time)
This 'horrible change' in your life has STILL happened for a reason and at the right time as this is your Angel Team 'shaking your tree' hard enough for you to fall out of it and start running!
If Archangel Raguel is 'shaking your tree' then you better start running!  Follow your instinct, watch for directions and lean on your running partners - your Angel Team.
Keep shining!

Archangel Raguel & Divine Timing

Divine Timing, Divine Order - everything has it's moment - Timing is everything....ALL come down to a partnership with Archangel Raguel. Among other things, this Archangel is very powerful in his concern, care and relationship with ensuring that EVERYTHING happens in everyone's Life Path....at exactly the right moment.
This might not be YOUR moment, that is to say that 'the moment' that your Angel Team chooses for you to have your moment might not be the same time as the timeframe in which YOU thought/prayed for/asked for/demanded/hoped for etc HOWEVER it IS the exact right moment which WILL BENEFIT you and those around you, the most.
Even if it seems like the WORST possible timing, carry on and TRUST that it is the BEST.
Time will tell - it always does - the clock is ticking and wonderful things are on their way to you. Partner, communicate and trust in Archangel Raguel.

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Reiki Share & Energy Exchange

I look forward to connecting with each of you!

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Friday, October 5, 2012

Anam Cara = Soul Friend

"May the nourishment of the earth be yours,
may the clarity of the light be yours
may the fluency of the ocean by yours
may the protection of the ancestors be yours
And so may a slow 
wind work these words
of love around you, 
an invisible cloak
to mind your life."

~ John O'Donohue ~

It is with a grateful heart that I received this blessing from an Anam Cara this morning and with pleasure I am happy to be able to share it with you.    Keep shining!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Just do what you do

and do it - simply. Simply do it.  Do what you do. Do whatever the moment is calling for RIGHT NOW.  DO that.
NOT TO WORRY about the why's and wherefore's, the darned if I do/darned if I don't, the what if it is the 'wrong' thing, the what if it is the 'right thing at the wrong moment'....
There is a beautiful, elegant, eloquent and surreal reality in the BELIEVING in one's Self to the point where you are FREE to simply.....Do what you do.....simply, effortlessly and JOY FULLY.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Chakra Clearing & Energy Meditation

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Chakra Clearing and Energizing Meditation

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