Wednesday, December 29, 2021

TIMELINE to Dreams & Goals with your Angels 2022


Welcome to 2022.  Your Angels have NEVER been stronger AROUND YOU and Within you. 


At this time we are working together with our Angels…full stop!

LIKE it or NOT....they are with you, beside you, BEHIND YOU...(pushing you forward emotionally, mentally and PHYSICALLY....huh... *physically...OK! sigh...this next year). 

The Ones that will ESPECIALLY Gain from this Angel Connection are those that Fully understand how it takes 'daily dedication' to Energy.  

AS WE GROW our Energy (being Outside, understanding how we can help Others around us....ultimately how we can GROW our own Life Force Energy) and our ABILITY to allow the Angels in to help us to SEED THE PATH ....FOR our own Adventure forward...IS the Way.  Well, at least it is for some.  

It's all good. However have you considered? ...

Some of us are NOT doing this…however your Angels want to work with you …and are BANGING on your door!  Can you hear them?

I look forward (always!) to connecting with each of you going forward and in to 2022, 
**quick message - so do your Angels, 

Love you all...and SO DO THEY....
your Angels & Guides, 
Many blessings always, 

Monday, December 27, 2021

What's up? What you got?...I KNOW WHAT I got...that's because...

 ....THAT's Because...

ANYTHING that life has to throw at us...WE GOT THIS. 

why?   BECAUSE we have our Angels behind us....uh oh...unless we don't.

Do you Connect with your Physical, Emotional and MENTAL Strengthening EVERY DAY? ....IF you do then yeah....You Got this.  Whatever LIFE can throw at 'you and yours'....ALL GOOD. 

IF you are not doing this then YES you are going to be upset by this but there are steps that you can take! 

Follow your PATH. 

To connect with your Angels and YOUR own Internal Life Force  IN you take do...


Feel Good Energy working through your thoughts ....allow this Energy to flow within you. Stay POSITIVE in your Mental Thoughts. 

It's All GOOD. long as you do the Angels and Energy work - YOUR INTERNAL SELF will always be able to rise to the challenge of Anything life 'throws your way'.

You GOT This...together with your Angels and .... Life Force Energy, 

Many blessings and Angel Light being sent your way, 


Saturday, December 25, 2021

Hello Angels...are you there?


Is  AnyOne there? 


Many times when we feel like we are all can be SO difficult to ASK for help.  YES we Wonder if other people are there for us...if our Angels are there for us...and sometimes all we hear are 'crickets'.  

ACTUALLY (at least in my experience in connecting with the Angels) I find that it is ME who has to DIAL the phone.  

**Some people (many actually!) over the years have asked me 'how do you know which Angel is picking up your call?'. 

I don't long as someone 'picks up the line'...I am good. You see when  I am feeling 'low' then I simply talk in my head to my Angels...some people call this praying and sometimes I do too but many times I simply talk to my Angels in my head.  It helps me to breathe easier and feel secure.  I call it 'reaching for the phone'....hello?  

They always answer.  Your Angels love you, 

and so do I. 


Monday, December 13, 2021

HOW MANY times do we have to go across the BRIDGE?'s the thing as long as it is as pretty as this one would be Every day for me. 

I'm not talking about 'the bridge' from this life to another...I AM TALKING about when we SHIFT from one Present Life Shift to another.  

How are we doing for work, health, relationships, friendships and so on and so on.  

We are always transitioning....always SHIFTING to better situations, mindsets....ABILITY to believe in a new way forward. 

CONTINUE TO LEARN...and GROW, shift and Change.  

WALK the Bridge...all good things on the other side.  

Which Archangel Governs this?  ZADKIEL....LEARN something...then TEACH others what you know. 

**Also Archangel MICHAEL us the Strength and Protection we need for this ...BELIEVE. 

LOVE you all and so your Angels,