Monday, October 24, 2016

Does Reiki work?

Does Reiki Work?
I myself have been undergoing Reiki treatments for the past four years with Stacey MacDonald. Stacey asked me to share my personal experiences with Reiki , why I believe it works and for those of you who are considering Reiki as an adjunct therapy offer you some scientific evidence of its efficacy.
In the realm of Western medicine, Reike at best is perceived as an optional, adjunct therapy to treatment. This is largely due to the fact that much of Reike’s efficacy is based on of anecdotal testimonies. Research is often geared to quantify that which is measurable, objective and controlled, and so actual studies to demonstrate Reiki’s effectiveness in healing are limited. However in one scientific study, hospitalized clients who received Reiki demonstrated a decrease in blood pressure, and in a second study hospitalized clients demonstrated an increase in hemoglobin – oxygen binds to hemoglobin where it is then carried throughout the body nourishing every cell and vital organ - after receiving Reiki treatments. Now, interestingly I can attest to the ladder study. Having undergone surgery to remove a large cyst on my ovary, pre-operative bloodwork showed my hemoglobin to be at the higher end of the normal range. I remember this well, because the gynaecologist seemed surprised as she shared this information with me just before putting me under.
 In a third study,  Reike sessions were provided as an adjunct therapy for oncology patients being treated with  chemo and radiation therapy. These patients reported a decrease in cancer related pain, improved sleep, increased mobility, enhanced self-perception, feelings of empowerment, and diminished fears of dying.
            So, in short Reiki does work, and you don’t need to believe in it to benefit from its healing effects. It does not hurt, it is not invasive and it is certainly not contraindicated to any form of Western medical treatment, and can be done concurrently with any treatment that you may be receiving.

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Monday, August 22, 2016

Messages from our Spirit Guides

Our Guides are always sharing messages with us...during our daily life, our dream life and most definitely through meditation!  
I invite you to join me for this enlightening meditation - cleansing, healing HOWEVER MOST POWERFULLY it definitely strengthens your connection and your ability to connect with your Guides....and for them to be able to connect with you. 

QUESTIONS? Please leave in YouTube comment section below the meditation!  I love to connect with you and this is a powerful way to do so. 
**Your symbols will change and shift each time you complete the meditation as your life path is always evolving and there are more symbols for your Guides to share with  you - as well, each time you complete the meditation exercise you are developing and strengthening your connection with your Guides allowing them to share messages with you more easily.  
Shining Angel Light to you, 

Thursday, August 18, 2016


I love this image as it represents everything that I am...does it represent you?

Let me be more clear.  Sometimes, the following image might be the one that best represents MY DAY....

and YET....I know and YOU know that our first image is one that is 100% available to us at all times. 
We can CHOOSE to be HOW we choose to be. 

While sometimes during the course of my day, I may look and feel like the 2nd image...I know that my Guides and Angels 'have my back' and so when I 'catch myself' looking and behaving like the 2nd image....I call on my Higher Self and my Angels. 

All is well. Truly, when we call on our Angels. We are able to breathe deeply (something we are completely unable to do when we are in a state of fear and stress) and simply ask our 'have our back'. 

When we are connecting with EMOTIONAL FREEDOM - we are connecting with SACRAL CHAKRA and the Archangel who governs this area of us...AND our Life Path is Archangel Raguel none other than the overseer of all of the Angels. 

When we connect with Raguel by merely asking for his assistance we are alleviating any of our own energy needs to fulfill any results from our own efforts.   

Do you get this? 

Here's the thing - we DO NEED to accept our responsibility in all things and we DO NEED to make an effort each day to fulfill our responsibility towards our daily needs and towards our own goals....and THIS is where it stops. 

IF....(BIG IF)...we are TRULY doing and fulfilling our FULL responsibility...doing everything we need to do and are able to do in our capacity and to our highest level of integrity...every day -

then we can RELEASE and angst, stress and even expectation we have to the outcome of our efforts. 

Tomorrow does not rely on the RESULTS of today...

Good results tomorrow most definitely relies on the amount of good intention and integrity that we put into our efforts today....and that goes for tomorrow as well...and the next day. 

When we place our own Emotional Freedom on our own merit, our own integrity, our own intentions and not necessarily the results...we achieve personal freedom (#image 1)

Today and every day, put your focus on your responsibility, your integrity and your positive intentions, 

good things will follow...meanwhile, enjoy your evening time with your Angels...job well done! 

To learn how to connect with your Angels and develop your intuition, connect with me through my online courses - click the link below - and meanwhile sending you many blessings always, Stacey

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Manifesting and ABUNDANCE with the Angels

Is this you? 
"I've doing everything I have been told to do.  I am making my morning and evening affirmations, I am clearing my energy and thoughts of any negativity, I am being kind to others, I am meditating daily, I am making my list of things that I would like to see brought into my world, I am increasing my vibration the best way I know how...and STILL....
I do not see abundance in my life!
nothing seems to be going right.  While I have seen some progress in some areas over the past little while I have also had some things TAKEN from me, relationships become a 'little sketchy' and doubts are starting to creep in.  What's up with that?'

So here's the thing, I know it doesn't seem 'fair' HOWEVER very often for Archangel Ariel to bring to us some manifestations, opportunities, prosperity and abundance ....she first has to 
clear the stage. 

Think of it this way, you are at a theatre production and Act 2 Scene II is ready to take their marks....however Act 2 Scene I actors REFUSE TO LEAVE THE STAGE.  The new actors can come in (and some stage directors would force them to) however then the audience can't tell WHAT is going's just a big jumble and nothing makes sense. 

It is the same way in life.  We can FORCE then new opportunities to come our way however if Archangel Ariel has not asked the Scene I actors (and situations) to 'exit stage left' then we are just going to have a jumble and confusion. 

Be patient. 

This is the most difficult part of manifesting. To
stay believing even tho it SEEMS like nothing is happening.

Keep affirming and believing and stay positive even and especially when it seems like more is being TAKEN from you than being GIVEN.  It's all good...hold the energy and your belief and KEEP GOING. 

Good things are right around the corner. 
Sending blessings and PATIENCE your way! 

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Monday, April 4, 2016

LOVE...your SELF.......ET AL!!!

SERIOUSLY can life be this easy?
Can we REALLY just SHIFT our minds, our perspectives....our reality to include the fact that...THIS IS ALL WE NEED.

NOW...(needle scratch off the record)....while the picture may depict that LOVE comes from a romantic relationship....this is NOT where it begins...or even where it may end up. While you may already be IN a romantic relationship or if you aspire or are yearning for one...NEVER MIND....**SO MANY SOULMATE RELATIONSHIPS are possible and probable within EVERY life path....HOWEVER (were your waiting for that?  (*I love doing that!)  A soulmate relationship will NEVER happen for you ....(drrrrr harsh! but true) ... if you do not already love your Self completely. NOW...

do we love our Selves 100% of the time....ish, it's tough!! and in my world...I live on an 80/20 perspective...(#keepsmereal)  Sorry, I live with teenage boys, all good!! haha!!
Seriously though,

PLEASE HEAR ME when I say that...

true love begins at home

Please ALSO hear me when I say that when I mean HOME....I MEAN 'within'. 

WE MUST love our SELF. Period. 

When we are able to love our Self, respect our Self, appreciate our Self and HONOUR our SELF....then ALL THINGS in every area of our life becomes easier...simpler...MORE ENJOYABLE. 

Simple as that? YES!  
GET started today and FIND ONE THING every day that you really LOVE about your Self. 

Let that relationship grow, bloom and increase to heights that you never knew possible....


Sending love, appreciation and respect to you! 

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Monday, March 21, 2016

Angel Numbers

Angel Numbers can be a great way to connect with our Angels and to understand what messages they are trying to share with us!  Watch my short video to find out more!

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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Time for a change?

What did you want to learn....way back when....before things got really crazy busy and your mind had time to wander?
What did you want to study...or create...or be a part of a team on?  Is it a hobby? or a course? or a sporting activity?

Sometimes, life slows down or changes just subtly enough....or DRASTICALLY and ABRUPTLY...regardless of how it is happening - this can be a very real way for your Angels to connect with you.   Very often this is a way that your Angels are urging you to 'pick up your life again'!  Find ways in which to honour yourself and your inner child and your curious side and your 'need to know more information' side.

Take this time to 'get back to being you'.
Who is this person....'you'?   Well, know you have some time to find out.  Allow yourself to be curious and explore your neighbourhood ... and your online neighbourhood and see which articles or events catch your attention.  GO TO THEM!  Reach out to other people who have like minded interests.  Make new friends while keeping up with the 'old' friends (ONLY the fun ones!)

Allow yourself some time to ease into this NEW way of being, of thinking, of acting, of exploring --- of learning to live again!  Have fun with it, honour yourself always and enJOY!

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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Belief, faith and hope!

In this world, it is not always easy to maintain a sense of faith and trust and hope...
and belief. 

 It is always at THESE TIMES that our Angels are there for us.  
If you are struggling at this time...
call on your Angels to ensure that THEY are able to ignite a spark within you.  

FEEL that spark lit within and ALLOW this spark to grow and flourish 
into a STRONG BELIEF that your Angels are always with you...


Shining blessings, abundance, love and Angel Light out to you, 

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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Angel messages February 2016 Stacey MacDonald

This month it's all about confidence...BUILDING IT!  After clearing away any blockages you may have been holding onto with the chakra that is related to it - find out how to do it in my new video!

Also, we connect with some Archangels for our messages for this month - join me on the video and have a wonderful month!

Sending blessings your way always,


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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Seeing Angels

A number of years ago, my husband had to undergo a major surgery.  It was a bit daunting (to say the least) at the time however as many of us know - in times like this we simply know that something must be done and so we ready ourselves as much as we can, keep our faith and trust in our Angels. 

The day of the surgery, my husband (and I!) was a little nervous (as he would be) however he knew that he had a wonderful surgeon at one of the best hospitals and so he...and WE in general were feeling confident and positive overall.  

The surgery went well and I was so happy to see him and spend time with him afterwards.  I knew that before long into the evening I would have to return home to our boys.  They were just 7 & 8 at the time and while my mom was caring for them after school...I needed to be there for them also. 

I was nervous and very sad leaving my husband John for the night.  I knew he was in serious pain and just wanted to be there for him.  As I left his room, I asked the Angels to be with him to heal him and comfort him. 

Very early the next morning, I arrived and while John was clearly still recovering - his spirits were up and he looked very well rested.  

The morning nurse came into the room and my husband said 'Oh, I wanted to know if the nurse who was on last night was still around?'  

The nurse replied, 'I'm afraid that she has gone already'

John said, 'I wanted to thank her for all the time she spent with me through the night.  I was awake I think almost every hour last night and every time I woke up she was sitting right there in that chair by the door.  I couldn't make out her face and she was very quiet - I know she didn't want to disturb me - but I was glad she was there.  Not too many people would think to or even be able to spend that much time with one patient.'

The nurse looked at John and said 'I'm sorry but no, she definitely wouldn't have been able to do that.  We have many patients on this floor and the most we can all manage time-wise is to check in periodically...maybe you were dreaming?'

My husband smiled and looked at me and said, 'No, I wasn't dreaming'.  

This is our 'secret story' and I thought to share it now as each and every time I tell this story I do so with pure awe and immense gratitude.  

Our Angels are ALWAYS there for us.  Particularly when we are in pain, suffering, feeling vulnerable and in need of comfort.  

Even and especially when we can't SEE them...we can always feel them - TRUST that they are with you today and every day. 

Friday, January 1, 2016

It's a NEW YEAR! 2016

Welcome to the first day of the rest of the year.  
*sounds a bit imposing or ominous?! NOT AT ALL!

"HOWEVER, we DO want to ensure (as your Angels are whispering to me) that you spend THIS day - TODAY - being bright and cheerful, smiling, acting with kindness, treating yourself and others with compassion and thinking BRIGHTLY about your future.

Your future IS bright and you have GREAT THINGS to look forward to this year. You DON'T need to plan and push and effort and try and stress to make all or ANY of these things happen.
*In fact, if you DO any or some of these things - great things WILL NOT HAPPEN. (there's the 'ominous part' :)

SO, BE bright and cheerful and positive and upbeat and act with courage and kindness and complete tasks in a proactive way AND HAVE FUN....
and watch 2016 ROLL OUT TO YOU in a MOST BENEFICIAL and ABUNDANT way."

*back to me now....'What are you waiting for - get started!! Start with a hot cup of tea and then a brisk walk outside....or something like that! Have a BRILLIANT and EVERY DAY of our wonder-full 2016!'

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