Thursday, November 20, 2014


Ok, SO HOW INSPIRED AM I?  Once again, and those of you who know me also know that I LOVE The Voice!  Those of you who have paid attention! (lol)  know that I love The Voice because they CATCH PEOPLE DOING THINGS RIGHT!

...and this is KEY, I believe in order to bring out the BEST in people....simply, to 'catch people doing things RIGHT' makes a powerful difference in the World.    It's so easy to find our Selves, in others, with our work situation, with the state of the world....

and IT IS SO REFRESHING to find people and situations, TV shows, work places....who only look to the BEST of situations...they look to SUPPORT AND INSPIRE!

Is that where you are?  I think it is...otherwise...I don't believe you would be reading this.  I want to say and your Angels want to say...GOOD FOR YOU!  and THANK YOU.

So, I was watching The Voice this evening and caught Damien Lawson's rendition of 'He ain't Heavy, he's my brother'

Here's the thing ~
TWO things really made an IMPACT for me.....firstly, the emphasis that Damien put on these lyrics, (and listen again so you can GET THIS if you didn't the first time.... the more I listen to this the more I GET IT...and LOVE it!)

So on we go
His welfare is of my concern
No burden is he to bear
We'll get there

Secondly and actually most importantly I feel, as I was watching the show....Damian went on to say after he had sung that he really connected with the song because he truly felt that he was singing to all of the people in our dear world...(paraphrasing)....his sentiment was that WE ARE ALL FAMILY and that the more we ensure that OUR INTENTIONS ensure that ...


we will get there! 

I am so grateful this evening for the people that I have the distinct pleasure of being able to connect with...each person making a difference in their own way, in their own a powerful and positive and supportive way.  

I thank you and your Angels thank you 
for making the welfare of others....your concern. 

Keep shining your Angel Light ~ brightly!
SENDING OUT AN 'Angel SHOUT OUT' (as my teenage boys would say!)  to all of those Angel Light people in Denmark....sending blessings your way! ... I hope to be travelling your way soon!

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

An Angel moment

Angel moments.
We are offered these moments all the time....and yet...

These moments happen when we are FULLY AWARE of how grateful we are for....everything!  Our surroundings, our partnerships, our family and friends, our opportunities....our new connections....a kind word, a moment in the garden, a phone call from a friend, an unexpected letter in the mailbox....


da da is ONLY LOWER SELF that can hold our attention on the things that PULL US DOWN, that eat away at our confidence, that enables us to judge and be judged and so on.

We are (PLEASE) being asked to focus on our Angel thoughts, Angel moments and our Higher Self.
NOTE how you are being guided forward (on behalf of yourself AND on behalf of the people 'in your circle'!)
TRUST and enJOY these moments....these Angel moments!

**you will most definitely find that the more you connect with your Angel moments...the MORE ANGEL MOMENTS you will experience!

Sending Angel moments your way,

My book  Angels and Energy is available now in softcover or ebook for your convenience. 

I am excited to announce my new book coming soon..."Connecting to ANGEL LIGHT"

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

We Remember

Time to remember and offer our eternal gratitude today for all of the brave souls who fought and sacrificed for our freedom; then and now.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Ya gotta believe!

When you believe.....GREAT things happen.

When you don't believe (in your Self, in other people, in abundance, in 'good things' coming to you, in your Angels....)
then good things DO NOT come your way.

But WAIT!  It's actually WORSE than that!

When you don't believe, you give your Lower Self a SOLID PLATFORM to 'grab the mike' and we all know what Lower Self can do when it starts talking!  It begins by telling you that you are not good enough...for anything!  It tells you that you will never amount to anything and THEN Lower Self starts blaming other people and situations for the reasons why Lower Self thinks that good things aren't coming to you....AND YOU BELIEVE LOWER SELF!

NO!  That is not the way!  It's not the way forward!

To move forward   'Ya gotta believe'!  
Believe in good. 
Believe in others.
Believe great things are on the way to you. 
Believe in your Self. 
Believe in the power of positivity. 
Believe in your Angels. 

Shining Angel Light on you....and your belief system ;)
Have a powerful day!

My book  Angels and Energy is available now in softcover or ebook for your convenience. 

I am excited to announce my new book coming soon..."Connecting to ANGEL LIGHT"

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Angel training course (online) - ALCP with Stacey MacDonald

I invite you to be inspired and empowered through my 4 week online Angel Light practitioner course!

People are calling it ANGEL COACHING as during the course you have your own personal membership area where you can view the videos (at any time - your course is always available for you)  download the manuals, meditations and other information....but where this course is different is that you can connect with me personally  throughout the training with questions and ...well, Angel coaching!

For more information or to register click the link here
I look forward to connecting with you...and your Angels!  

4 WEEK Online Course Angel Light Certified Practitioner (ALCP)
Connect with me to learn how to connect with your Angels and Intuition!

This Angel Light Certified Practitioner course will be taught in 4 parts.  After registering for the course, you will be sent a link where you will be able to connect to your personal membership site to be able to view or download all of the information necessary for your course.

Questions can be asked throughout the course in the 'Questions area' in your personal membership site.   The course works like a personal coaching site where all of your questions to me are 'between you and me' however I do intend to compile a list of all of the group questions which I will share with you all (anonymously!!) by simply adding an FAQ sheet to your personal area.  If you have questions in between sessions on the course information we have covered, please also feel free to enter questions at any time and I will be happy to respond when I can!

  • videos
  • manuals
  • meditations
  • workbooks
  • questions/answers
​ will be available to you at all times through the link provided.

 Think of this as your 'PERSONAL ANGEL COACHING' where you will not only connect with your Angels but also connect with your personal intuition which will guide you powerfully forward in your career,  finances, relationships as well as improve your personal health and vitality!

  ALCP PART 1         

  • Connect  through video class with the first 7 of the Archangels; their characteristics, how they communicate with you and how you can connect with them
  • Receive exercises and activities
  • Ask questions through the class 
  • Take part in your Archangel Invocation Meditation - Part 1
  • Receive your ALCP manual Part One
 ALCP PART 2      

  • Connect through video class with the next 8 of the Archangels; their characteristics, how they communicate with you and how you can connect with them
  • Ask questions through the class
  • Receive exercises and activities 
  • Take part in your Archangel Invocation Meditation - Part 2
  • ALCP manual Part 2


  • Connect with all of your 'Clairs'; clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance and the Archangels who govern these areas
  • Receive exercises and activities to increase your intuition and connection with the Archangels
  • Receive your ALCP manual Part 3
  • Welcome in all 15 of the Archangels through personal Archangel Invocation meditation

  ALCP PART 4    

  • Combine your Intuitive 'scans' with Angel card readings
  • Learn how to connect with the Angels using Angel cards
  • Choose from several different types of card readings through individual video trainings
  • Receive your ALCP manual Part 

Each participant will receive a ALCP certificate of completion. (For those who wish to receive a hard copy of your certificate; please email me directly at and I will be pleased to mail you your certificate - additional fee of $20)

cost - $147

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER  and you will be contacted  with further details.
I look forward to connecting with you and your Angels!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Healing with Archangel Raphael

This is powerful energy...when you are working with Archangel Raphael...powerful HEALING energy.

So many people look to connect with Archangel Raphael's energy through meditation, through Distant healing, through retreats and so much more and they are not wrong!  There are SO MANY ways in which we are able to be present within Archangel Raphael's healing energy.

Recently, this Angel message was brought to my attention.  Archangel Raphael had chosen to work his energy through a 'very young' (yet 'very Old Soul') natural healer.  Simply because she believes in the natural healing powers of the Angels she was guided to and able to share with her Nana a very simple and yet powerfully effective way in which to connect with and benefit from Archangel Raphael's healing.

She wrote;
"Archangel Raphael to Nana, I hope you feel better.  Imagine Raphael's green energy on your arm.  Love Emma" 

Quite right.
Powerful stuff.
This is ALL we need to do!  Thank you so much my wee and wonderful very Old Soul for reminding us all....including me!  :)

Is there somewhere or something or someone where you would like to spend a moment imagining Archangel Raphael's healing green energy shining on?

I ask that Archangel Raphael shine healing energy on my Angel messenger/healer friend and her family as well as on your path today and everyday....I am imagining green healing energy shining all around....

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I am excited to announce my new book coming soon..."Connecting to ANGEL LIGHT"

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Angel miracles

So often we are in need.
In need of healing, in need of reassurance, in need of compassion, in need of security, safety...kindness and strength.

Sometimes we need this so badly and yet...there doesn't seem to be anyone or anything who can fill this need for us...even though what we are in need of seems so can feel like we are seeking a miracle.

This miracle can be found in a kind word, a smile or by someone reaching out to us to offer to ... hold our hand.

Please don't underestimate the healing power that you hold.  Simply by holding someone else's hand, clasping their shoulder in an hour of need and partnered with a smile, a kind may be offering them their miracle.

How many miracles can you perform today?

This is the work of the Angels and by 'offering miracles' ... you are also an Angel.

My book  Angels and Energy is available now in softcover or ebook for your convenience. 

I am excited to announce my new book coming soon..."Connecting to ANGEL LIGHT"