Saturday, December 17, 2022

Angel Freedom 2023


We have learned MUCH over our lives...and ongoing.  Thank you Angels. 

If it's one thing I have learned personally it is just that....when I think I am 'stuck' in a cage then the Angels will lift me up and open the door. I am free new opportunities and new people around me that also lift me up. 

The thing has never happened when I wanted it to.  I have always had to wait....and that has been tough. 

But not as tough as some have it. I get it. still....

I needed to 'hold the note'....keep the faith....

and then (what I call) 'light switch moment' happens.  It's just that when the Angels are at work for us they work on DIVINE TIMING....not ours....unfortunately as I have felt many times. 

HOWEVER....WHEN (not IF ... but WHEN) that light switch moment happens?  iT is AMAzing. 

AND allows us to KEEP THE FAITH and the HOPE alive for the next time.  

We got this

Together with our Angels. 

Keep the faith. Feel the hope.  

Love you all and so do your Angels,