Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Inner child- our SECRET INNER POWER!

Embrace the day!
Embrace your inner child!!
How many times have we heard these phrases and YES WE GET IT!!  however perhaps we have heard them so often that they have become 'catch phrases', 'buzz words', 'Abundance-isms' and so on.

So, let's take a moment to DIVE BACK INTO what Inner child actually means.
It means CONNECTING WITH THAT PART OF YOUR SELF that is SIMPLE.  I wouldn't say carefree exactly - not always anyway....but FREE.  

When I connect with my inner child I dial back to my childhood Self.  Now, while there were times growing up that were sometimes difficult and so on there were also MANY TIMES that I remember SIMPLY BEing.

I got up and if it was Saturday, watched cartoons and when I was hungry I went to get a bowl of cereal - generally Rice Krispies (sigh) or somedays 'Wow! we have Corn Pops!!' (YAY!).   **Even now as an adult, I think of spontaneous surprises as 'Corn Pop days'!  haha!

After my favourite cartoons, I would go outside and climb the apple tree or do something with by brother and sister or ride my bike over to Nikki's house and hopefully she could come out to play. Simple.

I think it is SO IMPORTANT that we ensure that some days during our month, we allow for our Selves to connect with our Inner child.  The part of us that SIMPLY wants to walk around the block or sit outside and watch the breeze moving the branches of the tree above us or put on a favourite movie or call a friend to 'come out to play'.  :)

When we do this we GIVE OUR SELVES PERMISSION to rest, enjoy and BE FREE ... SIMPLY IN THE MOMENT.

Truly, when we do this we take back the very best part of us...the simple part.

Take away the emails and the schedules and the work and the bills and the phones and the discouragements and the deadlines and the goals and the planning and the ....and the.....and the.....DONE!

Truly, when we do this we take back the very best part of us...the STRONG inner part of us that very simply and straightforwardly knows how to enjoy the HERE AND NOW.

THAT is what it is all about....Life....Us....Simple....Joy....Freedom of Spirit.   Give yourself permission to connect with your very strong and free...Inner child.

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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Angel messages July 2015

Kicking off July 2015 with Archangel Gabriel....and an interesting 'Earth Angel twist'....

Create your own 'Angel Rock pile'!  
Watch the 5min video to know more! 
and have a blessed and abundant month of July. 

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Happy Canada Day!

Sending blessings to EVERYONE living in this beautiful country of ours!

Sending blessings and abundance FROM Canada to EVERYONE in all 4 corners of the Earth!

Shining peace and happiness out to you,