Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Two Wolves

A wonderful analogy that I use on a regular basis when speaking with people in session or in workshops is the story of "The Two Wolves". (This is also a recurring dream for me that my guides keep showing me and showing me in order for me to remember for myself and also to make sure it is at the front of my mind to pass on for others when the opportunity is right. The opportunity is right this morning ;)   Bare with me as I tell my rendition of the story as it is shown to me in Dreamtime however this story is a Cherokee Legend and quite well known - and with good reason...... as you will see....

A Cherokee grandfather is teaching his grandson some life lessons and the boy remarks, "There is a fight that is happening inside of me. I feel like it is between two wolves. One is a black wolf and he is scary, evil, dark. He is so angry at everything! and sad and arrogant and feels sorry for himself always as he feels like he is always treated badly by everyone.  The other wolf is a white wolf and he is beautiful. He is happy, kind, full of love and compassion for others and is always peaceful."  The boy also added, "Everybody has these wolves with them don't they?"

After a long pause, the boy asked his grandfather, "Which wolf wins?"
and the grandfather replied, "The one you feed"

Keep shining at your white wolf today :)

Monday, July 30, 2012

Time to 'get the Lead out!'

It is a cleansing, clearing and DETOXING time for many of us and  THAT time is synonymous with "Get the lead out" !
Writing, journalling, keeping a diary, venting on paper, jotting down random thoughts.....HOWEVER, you are guided to get those thoughts, notes and ideas down on to paper then .....do so NOW.
Anytime we are moved to pick up a pen and paper (computer notes count also however actual pen to paper - preferably while you are sitting outside under a tree or by some water or a quiet spot in your garden and/or on your balcony)  we are simultaneously being guided to get some ENERGY MOVING!

Allow that which is STUCK within us to dislodge and MOVE FREELY. 
Negative energies, blockages, inner obstacles are shifted and moved aside to let positive energies, forward motion life force energy to move forcefully within us feeding us, purifying us, cleansing us, energizing us FORWARD!  

and ultimately helping us to find our solid foundation in the physical world; 
emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally. 

oh,   and keep shining :)

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Olympic Inspiration!

I have to tell you that watching the opening ceremonies of this year's Olympics I was (once again) completely emotionally engulfed with the feeling of overwhelming global love and togetherness.
There have been 30 summer Olympics (to date) and 23 winter Olympics .....  and the history and awesome power of this competition and celebration as the world comes together regularly to meet as One is nothing short of spectacular!
I salute the athletes - past and present, the coaches, the referees, the organizers, the world leaders and the fans and enthusiasts!
The Olympics among other things, show us all in our ACTIONS that regardless of area in the world or differences in language....we are truly all the same and there is no better time or place to SHOW the world how we can TRULY SUPPORT each other.
Shining into the Olympic Games today!  

Saturday, July 28, 2012

The word of the Day.....


Wikipedia defines Kindness as;
good and charitable behavior, pleasant disposition, and concern for others. It is known as a virtue, and recognized as a value in many cultures and religions "
very nice and very applicable.
Wikipedia goes on in it's definition;
"Analysts warn that 'real kindness changes people in the doing of it, often in unpredictable ways. Real kindness is an exchange with essentially unpredictable consequences' "
Then I believe I will add ANOTHER WORD FOR THE DAY;


The ability to be kind to others in our actions, thoughts, mannerisms and most particularly, our actions is a true virtue and of REAL VALUE to the world.
It is OF VALUE to another for you to be kind to them in any and every way you are able to be.
It is also OF VALUE to YOU for you to be kind to another in any way a situation deems it possible to be so.
It is OF VALUE to you to be kind to your Self

And I myself am a BIG FAN of 'unpredictability'!! SO! if 'the analysts' warn that real kindness changes people THEN I am ALSO a big fan of 'being warned' of being changed for the better!!
Thank you!  I will be kind .... and I WILL also be unpredictable.  
I will be unpredictably kind and I will kindly be unpredictable. 
and while I am doing so and being so....I will also be shining my Light!  
Thank you for shining along with me!!
Shine it up people!!  
Shine up some Kindness ~ this day and EVERY day!! :)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Look and SEE

My teacher in Grade 10 Art class would say and say and say 
"Draw what you SEE......NOT!!!!....what YOU THINK you see"
and so (after she said it for the 30th time!) ....I decided to give it a shot. WHAT a difference.

 What happened as a by-product of this venture was ...not only was I drawing WHAT I SAW...
 I needed to SEE my art subject objectively,
 I proceeded to 'break down the whole' in my mind 
and focus on each separate part of the subject 
thereby focusing my whole intent 
on each PART of the whole. 
As a result, my pencil started drawing in such a way that I had not seen before on MY paper.  
By breaking through the veil of perception of what the subject SHOULD look like, what my finished product SHOULD be, how and in what direction I SHOULD move/draw/think next....
I was able to stay in present moment, totally focused on the 'WHAT IS' and simply move with the moment. 
There is a real ART in removing the veil of perception and seeing what truly IS.
Being part of what truly IS.
 Appreciating what truly IS. 
 look beyond 'your curtain' and
and as you begin to 'break apart the whole' of your present day life, your relationships, your family, your job.....REALIZE that you are STILL thinking of 'the whole' as you allow your mind to flit, flit, flit between subject matters.   Take your time and KNOW that this particular ART lesson takes some time and is indeed a continuing study, a benchmark, a mental 'beginning point' that as we progress down our life path we can continually remind our Selves to 'break down each whole' into individual parts and truly enjoy, appreciate and focus our intent on each and every part....

As a by-product of THIS Art lesson, the mind naturally and in its own time brings EACH of these wondrous parts ~ together again
(made 'specially wondrous' after we have focused our intention on them separately :) fixed what needed fixing, appreciated what needed appreciating, and in some cases done away with the parts of the whole that did not 'support the whole') 

.....and now 'The Whole' is better, so much better, than ever thought could be expected or enjoyed. 

Allow 'the Shine' of the moment to be shown to you. 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Owl ~ Power Animal ~ Truth

Have you been 'seeing' Owl? in your dreams, on tv, in 'real life' up in the trees, sitting on telephone wires, seeing "owl" on pamphlets delivered to your door etc?  
'Messages' like this can be your guides way of getting your attention and using Owl as a symbol to you and for you to sit up and pay attention....SEE THE TRUTH. 

As well as bringing an ability to see the truth, to realize the truth, Owl also brings to us a deep and rich inner knowing, WISDOM.  This ability to see into every situation (regardless of the darkness of any situation) and come out with an inner knowing on the truth. Often when we are plunged into situations where there is a confusion, struggle, angst - it is Owl that comes forth and assists us with capabilities and connections with the TRUTH that we previously did not know that we were able to  connect with. Trust in Owl's guidance and the messages that come forth as a result of this trust. Open your eyes, ears and mind to the truth....stay mindful of that 'still, small voice' that speaks within. Owl can reach us more clearly in dreamtime and so pay particular attention to messages revealed to you in the night - this is when Owl can see most clearly and the energy is the strongest. 

Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner ®
Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master/Teacher
Intuitive Life Path Guide
Energy Healer

FOCUS on Oneness

You are One - One with Source, One with Mother Earth. You are the conduit for Energy.
 You send it, you give it, you hold it for others to be able to feel from you and around you, AND 
.... you ALSO require it, need to 'shore up' from time to time so that you can be on the receiving end of said energy....
no problem!  Why?  
because you are the conduit of energy and a steady source and supply is constantly running through you, in you and around you. 
The flow of energy might by a little lessened currently.....your life force energy, your ability to connect with Source, guides, Angels might not be as strong a current as it is other times.....and so, WE FOCUS ON ONENESS. 
As we focus on Oneness, the dawning of realization comes over us (again! in some instances!) that truly we can be One AT ANY TIME.  
We can settle down, BREATHE, relax into that breath, and feel the opening of a door that allows us to drift into the feelings of the REAL reality of this physical world....
that THIS (physical world challenges) is all simple steps on the journey (some legs of this journey are substantially more difficult...) and true reality exists in Oneness. 
THIS place of Oneness is where we feel our peace, our connection, our calm and also it is where we 'refuel' our Energy reserve. 
TODAY, Focus on Oneness. 
If any distractions come up to challenge your feelings of peace and still and connection with Source then simply acknowledge them as merely the distractions that they are and 
Shining out to you today and everyday :)

Friday, July 20, 2012

Is Dreaming....dangerous??!

If a little dreaming is dangerous, the cure for it is not to dream less but to dream more, to dream all the time.
Thank you Marcel Proust, French Novelist (1871-1922) 

There is simply NOTHING to lose and everything to gain....by dreaming.   DANGEROUS??  Pshaw.....I LAUGH in the face of dangerous!
AND....while I am giggling away.....

I DARE to dream.....and dream BIG.
even more importantly?
I CHALLENGE you to do the same. 
I WELCOME you aboard 'my ride'  ;)
Shine into your Dreams tonight.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Angel Light - September workshops, courses, webinars....

Life force energy, healing crystals, Auras & Chakras - how to clear them, cleanse them, feel them, see them and ULTIMATELY ~ 'Power them up'!,  Reiki Practitioner Training,  Energy Healing, Angel Guidance, HOW to connect with your own Angels and Guides,
  (lions and tigers and bears ....oh my! haha!)

after a summer season full of cleansing and clearing we are ALL READY 
to 'hit the ground running' 

We have lined up some workshops and courses for you to ~
                                CONNECT, ENERGIZE, HEAL YOUR SELF & OTHERS!

Please CLICK HERE for more information on Angel Light Courses and Workshops or Contact me for questions or to register.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

'Build a Bridge!'

oh wow!  'If I had a nickel for every time I have been 'offered this advice'!! 
haha!!  (thanks MOM! :)

Seriously, there are some things in life that are just MEANT to be crossed over......rivers, lakes, streams, railway lines, ISSUES, OBSTACLES, RELATIONSHIPS etcetcetc. 

To cross over something ~ we need a bridge. 

Bridge def'n wikipedia  A structure carrying a road, path, railroad, or canal across a river, ravine, road, railroad, or other obstacle.

"path across obstacle"

this WORKS for me.  

If AND WHEN I encounter an obstacle on my path - 
I will simply build a bridge.....and then carry on. 
no problem. 

It might be HARD WORK building that bridge....or it might be a piece of cake....time will tell.


Feel LIFE shining on YOUR bridge Today!!!

Angel Light REIKI SHARE tonight!

I know summer is tough and most are away on holidays... but for those that CAN make it???
It will prove to be a wonderful HEALING EXPERIENCE 
for tonights Reiki Share
Please register at The Clarity Centre, Oakville

and please JOIN OUR MEETUP PAGE as we are just getting started with this....and would love the support! 
We will be posting Reiki information, clearing techniques and tips from meetup evenings as well as posting new topics.

and keep shining!!  

Monday, July 16, 2012

Usui Reiki Level III ~ THIS Sunday, July 22

Sunday July 22   10-5PM
Usui Reiki Level III
Usui Reiki Master Practitioner
Usui/Tibetan  Advanced Reiki Training
for more information please CLICK HERE  
and for questions or to register please CLICK HERE

This workshop is being held 'live' at The Clarity Centre, Oakville

ALCP Course ~ THIS Saturday July 21 12-5PM

Saturday July 21   12-5PM
Become an Angel Light Certified Practitioner (ALCP)
for more information please CLICK HERE  
and for questions or to register please CLICK HERE

This workshop is being held 'live' at The Clarity Centre, Oakville
(if you are not able to register due to time constraints, 
stay tuned for our online rollout coming soon!)

Angel Light Certified Practitioner Course (ALCP)

 new course dates to be announced soon
*stay tuned for more details on our upcoming - online ALCP course* 

Angel Light Certified Practitioner (ALCP)

Connect with the Angels for yourself and for others!     
    gain an in-depth knowledge  and understanding of each of the 15 main Archangels   
    learn how to connect with them to facilitate messages for yourself and others 
    work with Archangel Michael to clear negative energy to assist with Life Path     
    learn how the Angels communicate with you through numbers, colours & crystals    
    develop your intuition through practical exercises     
    understand how to interpret Angel messages and guidance   
    experience practical hands-on Angel card readings for yourself and others

ALCP Course Manual provided
 All participants receive an Angel Light Certified Practitioner  (ALCP) certificate.

Instructor - Stacey MacDonald
Certified Angel Therapy  practitioner  ®
Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master/Teacher
Intuitive Life Path Guide
Energy Healer



just as 
I love others.

with Peace



Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Archangel Michael helps you to 'Cut your Etheric Cords"

I share this exercise with so many during personal sessions that I felt it would be beneficial for me to share this Archangel Michael exercise properly on my blog.....
This is an excerpt from one of my Angel workshops  ~ Angels 101 ~  please enjoy and remember to call on Archangel Michael for this as well as for any assistance and guidance that would be helpful for you when it comes to protection, shielding as well as Life Path guidance.
Keep shining!

Etheric Cord Cutting and Releasement
A  R  C  H  A  N  G  E  L      M  I  C  H  A  E  L

Compassionate people or Lightworkers of any kind are very used to and are glad to give of their own energy, kindness or helpfulness in any way - when asked and even when not asked to give, they give. This is a prerequisite for this type of person, this is part of their journey while they are here and cannot be changed.
However, a greater lesson to be learned for this particular type of soul while here on this journey is that there is a vast difference between giving and taking. In this way, the lesson is that GIVING is a  beautiful gift when given from a source of abundance, however giving may not be given from any great strength when the source of the abundance is depleted . This source of abundance, the source of 'giving' is greatly depleted when compassionate people/Lightworkers leave themselves open to being 'taken from'.
To be clearer, Lightworkers can follow their inner guidance to give freely in any and every way necessary and to any one or any situation that they deem necessary as long as they remember to work closely with Archangel Michael.
Let's backtrack a little....
When we 'like' another person's energy or are 'drawn to' another person and 'feel better' when we around certain people it is largely due to the fact that energetically our spiritual Self automatically sends out 'cords' (etheric cords) to other Souls who we feel attracted to because of their positive energy - we have a connection - our Souls recognize this connection and etherically make it so.
These cords are like leashes and 'look' like surgical tubing. They grow larger as a function of the length and intensity of the relationship. So, the largest cords are to parents, siblings, and other longtime, intense relationships. However, you can have etheric cords attached to you based on the associate that handed your change back to you at the coffee shop - you greeted them kindly, you smiled at each other, there was an exchange of energy....connection made. Sometimes, and for certain intense energies, it is this simple.
The cords are hollow tubes, and energy runs back and forth between the attached persons. These are sometimes fear-based cords, (which are always unhealthy and based upon dysfunction) however sometimes they are simply an exchange of energy - which CAN be a healthy exchange as long as mutual consent is given...and etheric cords generally are placed subconsciously and so refers to a 'taking' rather than a 'giving'. Cutting cords isn’t abandoning or divorcing a person; it’s releasing the unhealthy part of the relationship.

Be sure to 'cut your cords with Archangel Michael' at LEAST ONCE PER DAY specifically before bed and at any point in time where you feel you need to. (A sure sign that you have cords attached to you is a heaviness in breathing (cords generally attach to front and back of Heart Chakra), tension in shoulders, pain or heaviness or a 'catch' between shoulders or upper back area in general)
Say the following out loud or in your head;
"Archangel Michael,          
Please help me to clear any etheric cords that have attached to me any where on my physical, emotional or spiritual Self and body. Especially help me to remove any cords which have attached on the front of my Heart chakra area (make sweeping physical gesture) and on the back of my heart chakra, on my throat chakra or anywhere else on my physical, spiritual or emotional body and Self. Please assist me Archangel Michael in ensuring that my spiritual Self is kept clear from any attachment of lower or negative energies that may deplete my own life force energy form renewing, re-energizing and rejuvenating so that I may always be able to GIVE FREELY of my own energy to any soul requiring it and in so doing I may only strengthen my own life force energy in the process so that I may move forward and be able to move forward positively for my Self and for others
Thank you Archangel Michael for your assistance, protection and guidance
Thank you to all of the Archangels for their grace"

Also, at this point ask for Archangel Michael to surround you in a circle of White Light for Protection. This is called 'Shielding'. You can ask for this circle of protection and shielding at any point in time throughout the day  however particularly after you have performed a 'Cord Cutting' and also whenever you feel you have been placed in a negative situation or harmful environment.

Stacey MacDonald is a Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner and Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master/Teacher  offering Personal Angel Readings , Angel courses and workshops, Energy healing & training, Reiki Healing and Reiki Training. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Put your Self together piece by piece

Put your Self together piece by piece. 
This is our life journey - we go along our way and we collect bits and pieces of our Self from others, from experiences, through family and relationship interaction, through self reflection, THROUGH RASH DECISION MAKING ("oooooohhh, I 'wish' I had thought that out a little more!" she said with 'cringeface' perfectly in place....."oh well"  ~ lesson learned! haha!)

WHO CARES if your left leg doesn't match your right one?!
or maybe your hat is a 'little askew'....
or one eye is lower than the other..... ?   :)
Stick that red rosy smile on your face and
Shining at you from my craft table this morning,
I feel your glow coming back to me :)
Shine on. 

Friday, July 6, 2012

You NAILED it !!

Thumbs up!
You did it!  and it is the BEST!
NO ONE could have done it BETTER than THAT!
take a BOW - you DESERVE it.
(slow clap leading to thunderous applause....oh....what's that??!....huh.....!!...)
feel the love....  !!!

Here's the thing....We GENERALLY do a GREAT job of things every single moment of every day. Whether we are taking out the garbage, driving, doing the laundry, presenting at a board meeting, serving another client at work....we are doing our level BEST in that moment. It might not be as good as we are going to do it next time....and yeah, SOMETIMES it might not be quite as good as how we did it last Tuesday but IN THIS MOMENT .... this is our BEST we have to offer and THIS is what our Angels and Guides are shouting at us ALL THE TIME!  Well done.
When was the last time we HEARD THIS?  When was the last time we spoke to our SELF in this manner?
When you LISTEN to your inner voice....do you hear this PRAISE for Self?
 ...or something else?
make the decision (and YES this is a conscious decision and choice that you CAN make and remind your Self throughout the day to stick to and to CONSISTENTLY focus on!!!)
make the decision to speak to your Self in a kind, proactive, positive, cheerful, gentle, grateful manner.  Cheer your Self on! Tell your Self that you are doing a GREAT job.
(any time that ANY thought sneaks in that trys to tell you otherwise...recognize lower Self trying to 'edge in on your happy' and SEND that voice away......gone)
it's all about the Thumbs up!
and if you are spending some time outside today (and I certainly advise that YOU DO!)
make sure you put some sunscreen on those thumbs...
tan lines are soooooooo unsightly!!
Shine it up today people!!!
(and.....Great job!!)

lao tzu....be STILL and LISTEN....

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Knock Knock....Who's there?....Orange....

Orange who?
Orange you glad I didn't say Banana?
ok ok
that was weak!
BUT (you were waiting for this, yes?)
There is a DEFINITE feel for ORANGE this week....
what do you think of when you see/feel/hear Orange?
I would say that I see/feel/hear.....

  • emotional freedom 
  • high creativity
  • strong connection with SELF
  • great amounts of courage
Why is this? 
Well, among other reasons, the colour Orange is associated with the Sacral Chakra within your own personal Energy system and YOUR CONNECTION with Orange is DIRECTLY associated with your ability to gain a DIRECT CONNECTION to ALL of your personal bullet points listed above.
pretty great, eh?  (had to throw in the 'Canadian bit'!!  haha!)
pretty great. 
how do you do it?  picture it, visualize it, wear it, meditate on it, decorate your home with it, (eat an orange ~ why Not?! ~ worst case scenario, you still benefit from the Vitamin C!!) 
energetically, see your Self as being surrounded by the colour Orange whenever you need a BOOST of creativity, courage, emotional freedom etc.....
BREATHE DEEPLY and picture Orange in your mind's eye....
and for more tips on how to work with colours, energy, chakras, mindful breathing in order to connect fully with your SELF and your ability to move purposefully and positively down your Life Path.....
stay tuned for our fall rollout of online Energy Workshops.......
and meanwhile,
shine COURAGEOUSLY forward!!! 

  Please contact Stacey MacDonald for more information on Energy Healing

Monday, July 2, 2012

The cheese stands alone....

This is for all of those people who have heard me use this analogy either through private sessions or during workshops.....

"The cheese stands alone; alone and vulnerable on the top of a windy mountaintop"
Some of the greatest truth-baring moments of life are spent feeling like you are 'the cheese'

Sometimes as we are going through life, we 'take a few hits' - emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually - any and all quadrants of feeling are 'out there' on any given day and subject to a give/take of energy on whatever level.  Some of the hits are expected, others while not necessarily expected are somewhat manageable and others.....
not so much manageable, but devastating - truly ROCK YOUR WORLD. 

Sometimes even, we get a 'hit' that seems to rock our world only to be followed by another, and another and another - like a day at the beach turns into a fullout summer storm and we are still a fair ways out on our air mattress!!! RIDE the wave!!!

This is scary, lonely and leaves us feeling shocked, numb, frightened, vulnerable, alone, betrayed etcetcetc. It is at this point that you are 'the cheese' 
The great thing about being 'the cheese' is that it is during this time that your ego, lower Self, the part of you that truly believes that it is IN CONTROL of what you do, how you do it, what happens next on Life Path....takes a seat...in the corner and is quite succinctly told to "Shut up~you know NOTHING".
AT THIS TIME, Higher Self, Divine Source, your Angels and Guides, and THE TRUTH is allowed to speak and MOST IMPORTANTLY.......you are listening. because you are BARE and open and vulnerable and maybe a little frightened.....you are OPEN to hearing something ANYTHING other than what you have currently been working with, the limited information you have been operating with YOU NOW REALIZE is most often MISINFORMATION fed to you by lower Self, ego etc and NOW
you have a direct line to the truth. 
you are a truth seeker 
and you have found the truth
your truth
and while, for the time being, you are still on the mountaintop, the wind is still blowing and you are still alone.....this is a 'different alone'....now in your 'physical alone-ness' you realize that you are surrounded by Divine guidance, Angels, comfort, support, and there is feeling of RELIEF that comes from this and also from knowing (KNOWING) that you are not the 'string puller' on your pathway....there is a plan and that plan is bigger, much bigger than you and NOW you GET IT!! You have only to follow the next step AS IT IS SHOWN TO YOU. Allow Divine inspiration and guidance to work through you and SHOW YOU how to take the next step....and until then simply allow and enjoy the winds of Truth to continue to wash over you and cleanse you of any energies or emotions or false expectations that have been slowing you down.....Step out of the driver's seat and enjoy the view. 

how is that cheese tasting now??   
keep listening and keep shining...
(and try the Gruyere :) 

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy CANADA Day!

Wishing everyone everywhere.....

with Love from CANADA....
"The True North Strong and Free"  
Happy Canada Day!

What is YOUR Life Purpose?

This is the most commonly asked question and yet fundamentally is the easiest answer to come to......your life purpose is...... (drum roll please....)
To be happy.
and no, I am not trying to be trite (defined in thefreedictionary.com as Lacking power to evoke interest through overuse or repetition)  lol!!

no definitely not being trite.  :)
but SIMPLY trying to point out to you that indeed this is our only purpose here on this Earth. Let me continue by saying that when we are happy;

  • we make other people in our path happy
  • we are able to accomplish great things as we are totally open and free flowing within our own true and creative Self and therefore able to listen to, hear and connect with our intuition, our inspiration, our Guides and therefore be LED TO GREAT OPPORTUNITY
  • we have the courage through SHEER Self confidence and self esteem to SEIZE THESE OPPORTUNITIES of the day as this courage is easily gained however ONLY FUELLED  by 'THE POWER OF JOY"
  • we inspire happiness in others
  • we EASILY solve problems/remove obstacles (personally, within our family/relationships, community, globally etc)
  • we have more energy to reach out to others
  • we have a better idea of how to set healthy parameters and boundaries to ensure time is allowed to feed our true Self
  • we FEEL lighter ...physically!
  • we breathe easier....literally (and figuratively)
  • we SMILE MORE which increases our life force energy within our body
  • our life force energy cleans our chakras thereby sending MORE life force energy to our cells and tissues and body organs thereby assisting our physical body to HEAL ITSELF!
  • (BY SMILING????? YES!!!!!)
If our Life Purpose is simply to BE HAPPY.....then let's start today. (and if you are already humming a great happy tune in your head and heart...then no need to START but PLEASE DO CONTINUE!! haha!)  
Join me today with a happy head - breathe easier
 - SLOW IT DOWN people and LIGHT IT UP today - 
Blast someone and something with your happiness factor!!!