Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Angel messages are like 'balloons'

 the thing is it's true.  C'mon stay with me here. I know how it sounds...gimme a minute k

Our Angel messages come thru to us like beautiful gifts, inspirations....Challenges sometimes uh oh.  It's ok, when that happens they are also there. **they never 'deliver a challenge' without also making the COMMITMENT to back you up in your new endeavour. 

it's good. 

balloons are light. they represent fun and 'LIGHT spirited Energy'. Ok, I'll tell you this...every morning when I was in high school I would draw a bunch of balloons in the corner of each page of my notes. 

It's important to me even now to recognize that LIGHT Energy is all around us.  

So are Angel messages. That's just how it is. 

Love it. Believe it. It's ALL GOOD. 

Next time you see a balloon...?

KNOW that this powerful POsitive Angel ENERGY is with you. 

love you all and so do your Angels, 


Monday, October 17, 2022

Past Lives...huh...ever feel like you've 'done this before'....Intro to Akashic Records


Wow. This picture really struck me as I am always called to visit THE Key.  This is the 'key in the lock' of all of our own Soul wisdoms. These are the wisdoms (the trials and tribulations) that we have gone thru in past lives that BUILD UP our ability to Understand things in this life. *boring I know ... but it gets better stay with me. 

The thing is that if you are a New Soul then you are reading this and recognizing that this does not in any way pertain to you. You are right.  Keep going you are shining in a very powerful way and we love you.  
For the 'middle' Souls which I am One of  and for the Old Souls...thank you and please do recognize that SO MUCH WISDOM is within you that you 'did not learn' in THIS life however you intrinsically know NOW. 

how? well...there is The KEY of course.  This link is through our Hara ... our Soul Self. *Around our Sacral Chakra area as it has been shown to me. 
This part of us (knowingly or unknowingly) makes itself apparent to us in many our daily. 

The way in which I CALL on this Energy? Well, I know the more time I spend out in Nature...(20min every day hard stop) hopefully longer !! but even on a 'crazy' day...gotta do it. and 10mins meditation every day..(not a big deal guys c' YouTube channel or visit a meditation app...we got this)...also i need to LAUGH for a bunch of minutes a day.  Laughter is the way our Angels can get to us...this is their highway...create it. *even watching a funny sitcom or stand up comic ... just laughing....big deal.  

Thing is....IF YOU ARE doing these things or some other fun things that 'help you to feel more you' your current vehicle....which is what we call this life because if you are a middle Soul or Old Soul you have inhabited many vehicles (some male, some female *kinda switches life to life for the Old Souls ...other times different 'disabilities/abilities') ...old Souls know 'how to deal'.  

BUT IT HELPS to know that you can access Hara. Your Soul Self. You are here because you have 'done this before'.....and it comes with its obstacles. Know that your Angels are celebrating you. 
You got this. 

And seriously, access your Soul Wisdom.  Just KNOW that if this blog post resonates with you...then you HAVE THIS strength within you.  

love you all and so do your Angels, 

Pay attention to this.  

Thursday, October 13, 2022

Angel Numbers 777 what do they mean? *Angel number code included :)


*Angel number code breakdown just below. Here we go!  *Angel numbers are one (of three) of the MOST Powerful ways our Angels are able to GET TO GET our 'buy in'...our BELIEF in the fact that they ARE there...they are Here...all around you.  They show numbers.  

Sometimes they happen in 3's like this number however other times they appear recurring in different ways (871, 781, 178) recurring and recurring as you go about your day. Things like that...NOTICE. 

DOES it mean something ? yes, of Course it does.  There is no other reason for you TO See this....or notice/recognize this but many times we do.  And many times we 'chalk it up' to coincidence and ya, sometimes it is. But sometimes it isn't and it is INTERESTING to find out what messages they may be sending your way. 

Like my Favourite mantra I quote often "If I have nothing to lose but potentially something or Everything to gain by trying? .... then let's learn something new and follow the course"

This particular Angel number is  777.  The number Seven represents 'You are on the right path'. 

I believe in believing that simple messages are best. It is important that we develop our own level of communication with our Angel Team.  When they show us 7...then WE KNOW that they are saying 'you are on the right path'.  **NOTICE what is happening when you are seeing 7...notice who is saying what around you or alternatively what your inner 'gut feeling' is telling you about something else and/or what you may be thinking or sharing with someone else...AND just take the fact that you are ALSO seeing THIS number at this moment and know that they are sending you this message. 

Sometimes this is an eye-rolling 'drrrrrr' moment for me because sometimes this happens when I am mulling over whether I need to make a 'challenge' decision for me...whether I need to make a CHANGE. ugh. Anyway, they can send this 'Angel nudge' to SHIFT me to realize that this is what is needed. 

Sometimes it's bigger than that. Sometimes it's smaller.  It's not always life changing ... it IS INTERESTING to notice THAT they are having this 'conversation' with you in the way of symbols. 

So how do you 'see' numbers? 

You can notice recurring numbers in license plates (while you are stopped at the lights...take a look!) or on signs or on you receipts (many people tell me this one)...or in your minds eye...or your favourite numbers...or in your dreams. 

Believe me .... the MINUTE your Angels recognize that you are ON BOARD and are recognizing these numbers as Angel messages...they will send you more and the partnership will grow. 

Here is a very BASE share of the Angel numbers;

1.  Clear and Positive Angel Energy

2.  Let go and have faith

3.  Ascended Masters are with you now

4.  Strongest Angel Number....Feel them working with you and all you send Energy to.

5.  Transformation

6.  Focus less on material and more on Spiritual

7.  You are on the right path

8.  Abundance

9.  You have much work to do...get to it!

Keep these in a little note on your phone or in your wallet and KNOW that when you see over the course of the day or week or month...358 (853,538) (your Ascended masters are helping you with transformation to abundance in all things) .... and so on.  

You get me.  more get them.  and they get you. 

**keep a record please (they love this) of the recurring numbers that you see. why?? because you may not notice that at every New Moon (month by month) you see and notice the numbers 4 and or 7 (and so on) but it can be an interesting exercise and an opportunity to build out your Angel Journal to connect with them more strongly. They will appreciate that. 

I appreciate you all and shine Angel Light your way, 

Sending blessings, 


Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Dream Symbols...what do our Dreams mean?

Whoa. Dream Symbols hey? Okay... here we go. 

The thing is ...DREAMS and the symbols are what 'opened the door' for me to open my own intuition. **what does that mean as we share conspiratorially on a blog post? Well, when I was 12, I remember having 'weird' dreams....and EVEN at that age I knew that you can't have multiple *especially Power Animal and Dream themes show up without them meaning something....and so I started reading about it in our local public library....along with horse books.  love horses. 

THE THING IS that images pop up in our imagination our our dreams at night. Sometimes we remember and many times WE WILL DISCARD these 'random' images that pop into our mind...our imagination/intuition (same thing in some cases).

It's ALL ABOUT KNOWING HOW TO understand and TRANSLATE the messages that are BEING SHOWN to you from your Angels, Guides and your own Intuition. 

VERY often our Angels and Guides will 'show us' these images....what do they mean? 

Follow along with me for a dream breakdown of this image; *this is a familiar image to me from my dreams and it did pop up to me when I searched the word 'friends' **our Angels work in this way as well....

Let's go....

Ok...we are at the beach symbolizing the connection between Heaven and Earth.  The waters are calm...all is peaceful. There are some 'wistful' clouds (no storm is brewing)  You both are peacefully sharing the vista together....the early evening sunset at your back.  It has been a good day. You have sat here together in companionship before.  All is well 

DOG SPIRITUAL MEANING; loyalty, friendship

ELEPHANT SPIRITUAL MEANING; for certain luck and prosperity (always...and longevity) but together with dog it is heightening an ability to remove obstacles and negativity in a powerful and calm(as suggests the environment here) manner. 

BIRDS ; freedom, free skies, ELEVEN BIRDS (Angel number/strongest) flying together OVER the other Power Animals thru calm skies. big deal 

Your Angels are alway sending you messages...many times we just need to learn to know what  are symbols and USEFUL and the 'other stuff' that isn't.  

Pay attention please to the WHIMSICAL stuff that they send attention to the 'weird' imagination stuff....this is the FUN way they send. 

Thanks always for letting me share with you all, 

Love you and so your Angels always,