Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Listening to your Angels

TODAY we are focusing on our Angel message of ‘listening to our intuitive feelings’. Now, like no other time, is an opportunity for us to start (or continue) a daily practice of sitting quietly in a corner of your home where you are most comfortable and relaxing into your breath as you take your mind quietly to an even space, slow your mind down and listening to your favourite music in the background. 

Continue to take deep breaths, allow your mind to drift and show you pictures, ideas, faces, or simply relax into your favourite mental visiting place as you ask your Angels for any messages that they feel guided to share with you today. Remember to stay noncommittal about receiving any messages (don’t be 'desperate to receive a message' as anxiety will block their ability to communicate with you) however instead, simply open the door for any messages to come into your thoughts. If you receive any inspirations or gut feelings, however random - say thank you, file them and continue to relax.

Another VERY beneficial way of beginning to open your connection with your Angel team is to be outside listening to the sounds of nature all around you and feeling the ‘elements’ whatever they may be; bracing rain, soft snowflakes, the rustling wind racing along the streets and even listening to the breeze through the trees and riffling our hair are all sounds, sights and feelings that open our energy just enough for us to be able to benefit from and communicate with our Guides and Angels.

My special time is when I roll right out of bed in the morning, put on my coat and boots and set out for a long walk. As I step out the door, I take a deep breath in and look up at the sky...the soft grey white clouds on a jet black sky always set a magical tone for me. Sometimes the clear sky is lit like a beacon in the night with hundreds of stars raining their Light over me (I always pick one and make my wish and then I carry on) listening to the birds rustling through the trees as I disturb their early morning slumber in the dark morning. 

During my morning walk is the time when I can reconnect with my Self, ‘pressing the reset button’ on my inner Self and remembering what a beautiful stolen piece of time it is to be able to be up and thinking my own thoughts without any pressures of the day or responsibilities yet surrounding me. I listen to my Self, my intuitive feelings, my Angel messages as they bubble through my thoughts and inner Self. I allow them to take form and guide my thoughts towards others, towards my day and let them steer me in the direction where they are guiding me. 

It is through this communication and connection with my Self, my Higher Self that I totally relax into my own state of contentment and THAT opens the door for MY Angel Team to step in and offer me some guidance, some messages, some visuals.

I say a special thank you to my Angels for being around me at all times and ask them to continue to protect and guide me through my intuitive feelings throughout the day. I promise them that I will heed my intuitive feelings knowing that this is the way that my own circle of protective Angels choose to communicate with me first and foremost. 

I trust myself to trust my Angel messages and guidance. 

As I round the corner to come back home I can see the pale yellow glow of another day’s dawning in the Eastern sky and I smile.
Open the door to your Angel Team today....and listen.

Sunday, April 19, 2020


A very strong, gentle and yet persistent message from our Angels - You are safe.

They are with you all the time. Ironically, there are MORE Angels around you just when you feel there are NO Angels around you.

Just when you feel like there is never going to be an end to the feelings of despair, hopelessness, frustration, hurt, aloneness...is generally the timing that your Angels are most able to reach you. Feel that hand on your shoulder or the warmth on one side of your body or even a brush on your cheek? Do you see a spark dart in the air in your peripheral vision? Did you find a penny or a dime? 

These are all ways in which our Angels race around trying to give us our own personal signs and symbols that THEY ARE HERE - WITH YOU. “Hello???? We are here!!!”

When times get tough, tense, dicey etc. envision your Self as a spectator of your own Life Path. 

Allow your Angels to guide you, to ‘set the scene’ for you so you are able to be at your best, for your Self and others. Stop trying to stay ‘one step ahead of the game’. Stop planning every single second.


And listen to their guidance. When they are urging you to rest? rest.....play? play......work? work!

Follow their lead and KNOW that they are working overtime to make sure you and your loved ones are safe and provided for.

Say thank you to your Angels today as you assure them that you KNOW they are there for you and you FEEL their presence.

Let them Shine on you today. You deserve it.
**HOW can you let YOUR Angel LIGHT ....shine on to others? ....
*What are you doing today to make a difference...
even a few minutes of SHARED LOVE....in whatever way this looks like to you. 
Love you my friends and guess what...
SO DO YOUR Angels! 
#Be #blessed, 
Stacey <3 

Thursday, April 16, 2020

today? I am travelling LIGHT....

today? i am travelling light...
Today, choose to go through your day with ‘no strings attached’.

TODAY, begin your day, carry on through your day and reach a beautiful evening as you land quietly and gently this evening also - with ‘no strings attached’.

Especially at this time where we can FEEL the Energy of EVERYTHING around us.  This Incredible time we are going through...TOGETHER...Globally.  

We NEED to be there for everyone all the time and that is true ...and THANK GOD for those who are there for us.  Its just that....well...this is a posting from my book Angels and Energy published in 2013.  I love you all...and sometimes and many times these Energies still prevail in so many ways... please join me...

Previously we have all felt at different times in our life that we are moored to the earth, unable to achieve lift off, watching others ‘take off and land’ as they choose while we are seemingly STUCK standing in the basket of our hot air balloon in the middle of a field somewhere carrying a load of sandbags with giant ropes tying us to the ground EVEN THOUGH we are blowing as much hot air as we can into our giant balloon! It is of no use, the ropes are too strong, the sandbags are too heavy.....we are not able to fly.

We can all have ‘heavy energy cords’ attached to us that inhibit our ability to move forward. They can be cords put there by others, cords that represent poor memories which hold us back, conditioning or learned behaviour, inability to see our potential, cords of self sabotage, fear of success/failure, lack of self confidence etc.

ALL OF THESE cords can be healed away, washed away and lifted from you so that you are able to go, be and do whatever it is that inspires you and FITS WITH YOUR PATH.
REGARDLESS of ‘where they are from’ or ‘Why do I have this cord?’ or “WHO PUT THIS CORD ON ME?” or even ‘Why do I have cords and other people do not’??.....


Picture Archangel Michael sweeping away the energy cords that are holding you back. Any energy cords that are attached around your heart chakra area (making it laborious to breathe at times or to get a full breath) and around your shoulders and upper middle back area (got a ‘knot’ or tension in your shoulders? this could be a strong energy cord that is pulling you down)

Say to him “Thank you Archangel Michael for helping me to clear the cords that are attached to me and helping me to rejuvenate, replenish and renew my own life force energy more easily and strongly together with the healing Archangel Raphael - In grace and gratitude, I thank you’
**you can also make a sweeping gesture in front of your heart chakra and over your shoulders as you do so ..... AND ....if you are going to really want to see a change in this area, AS WITH ALL CHANGE, you have to commit to a daily schedule of doing this program with Archangel Michael - do NOT do this a couple of times and then shrug and say ‘ish, I feel no different’

Now. picture your Self in your mind’s eye standing inside your hot air balloon, throwing all of the sandbags out and onto the grass, unclipping the links to the heavy ropes and as you stand there expectantly....

ALLOW your Self to feel the basket jiggle beneath you and then lift to one side and then the other and then slowly and EFFORTLESSLY.... you feel sooooooooo light ! 

Floating up and away you feel emotionally free as weightlessly you are being transported to heights you never dreamed! Are you holding your breath? Are your eyes shining in wonder? If not, you OUGHT to be! This is AMAZING!

ALLOW your Self to feel the power of YOU. Cut the cords that are reining in your energy.

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

LET your Angel Team 'draw out' any negativity

Today the Angels are asking us to allow all negativity to be drawn out of us. In allowing them to assist us in this way, they are able to uncover the positivity that is a part of our very Soul to shine outwardly. 

We will have a chance to get a better hold on our actions and observations and thereby be able to take a strong hold on our whole Path forward.

Let’s start with a small visualization. Visualize an opening in our Self where the Angels are allowed to get into and work their magic and healing abilities. Through this opening in our energetic field they are able to draw any negativity away from us. Through this process we are working hand in hand with our Angel Team to ensure that any negativity that gets past our Divine Shield can be taken immediately from us thanks to our synergy with our Guarding Angels.

Visualize Angel light flowing into our personal energy field and surrounding us in Archangel Raphael’s circle of green healing energy. As his Healing energy continues to course through and around us, any energy that is negative, obstructive or does not serve us well is simply dissipated and the residue of this energy is cleansed away. Imagine that this exit point for negative, harmful energy can be left open so that only the Angels can have access to it. 

As we go through our day spreading our Light, if there is any harmful energy that is attracted to us, with the help of our Angel Team this energy simply passes directly through us or around us and so is not able to take hold and diminish our positive energy in any way.

So today, let Archangel Raphael heal and cleanse away any negativity from you - and leave you full of positive, shining bright thoughts and actions to hold dearly to your Self and to share with others.

***CLICK THE PIC above to connect with the Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael healing meditation,  

Love you all, 
Many blessings dear Souls, 

Tuesday, April 14, 2020


Hold on to your dream
If you have a dream....then it is yours to hold on to. Don’t let it go. Don’t let it fade away. Hold it up there and out there for everyone to see! YOU have to be able to see and feel and examine and appreciate and get accustomed to your dream being a daily part of YOU. It is real. It is palpable.

Do you remember a dream you used to have...YEARS AGO! DECADES back....well, start clearing away the rubble, reach way down and RESURRECT that dream! It IS YOURS and you have every right to it. Once it is dusted it off, you will find that you have every bit the connection to it that you had before....dialling back through the years - this dream rekindles the spark and fire within you that you have not seen or felt for a long while....this dream is worth holding on to - hold on tight.

This dream....has it manifested yet? or is it still in ‘dream form’? Are there steps that have led you closer to it? Maybe. Will there be more steps shown to you that will lead you even closer?

ONLY IF YOU ALLOW YOUR SELF TO SEE, FEEL AND HOLD ON TIGHT TO YOUR DREAM every day. It IS a part of you. Your dream was placed within you for a reason. Your Angel Team have given you this dream and they will give you the steps, opportunities, ‘chance encounters’ that will lead you closer to achieving it.

YOU DON’T HAVE TO KNOW ‘the how’! HOW will I achieve this? HOW will I ever be able to raise enough money/influence/ talent/confidence to GET there?


no plan. Just believe.

Believe that your dream was given to you - for a reason. So, if there is any ‘plan’ at all...
Your plan is to BELIEVE in you.
HOLD on to your dream.

I believe I will.
and I believe in you....and even and more importantly?  
Your ANGELS believe in you. 
Love you all, 
Keep believing Angels Souls, 

Friday, April 10, 2020


A 'random page choice' from my book Angels and Energy.....ANGELICALLY GUIDED!  :)  Love you all, Stacey
Do you feel like you should be making some changes in your life? Do you feel from time to time that there is a specific change you could make that may significantly change your life for the better? Do you feel that there is some kind of a gateway that you are ‘supposed to’ go through in order to continue on your next path, your very successful pathway, your intended path ....and yet in order to get there you must make a some changes in your daily life?

Sometimes the only thing holding us back from making these changes is not fully believing in our Selves enough to have the courage to make those changes. A lack of self confidence and a wavering in faith might be diluting our ability to have the inner strength to ‘stick to ‘ these changes and to be able to accept the new opportunities that appear and to make the best of them when they do. OH! SO many questions! So many doubts! So many anxieties! Such a ‘busy head’ thinking of what may happen this way, what may happen that way, what may happen if we don’t, if we do....ENOUGH!

All of this ‘thinking nonsense’ is just that - nonsense! It is in effect your ego/lower Self trying to sabotage your progress forward for whatever reason. So when the questions start....acknowledge them for what they are (impediments on your journey forward) and go with your inner instinct...follow it where it is guiding you.

Your Angel Team is communicating with you and subtly guiding you forward by filling you with these feelings/intuitions that will urge you to make the changes necessary to open new opportunities and pathways. Trust in their full and total support of your decisions and allow your Self to feel the CONFIDENCE they bring forward within you.

Feel the fullness of your confidence unfold as they beam their beautiful Divine Golden Light through your Self and Spirit and let that Angel glow carry you forward to the changes that you can make confidently now that you know your Angel Team is with you on this - fully and whole heartedly! 

Many blessings and shining ANGEL LIGHT your way always dear Souls,
Keep believing,

Love you all. 
Keep believing