Thursday, November 1, 2012

111 - Angel Numbers!

This number is a VERY POWERFUL number as it is a strong message to mind your thoughts!  YOUR THOUGHTS ARE MANIFESTING very quickly at this time so ensure that your thoughts are light, happy and hopeful but most of all FOCUSED ON YOUR GOALS!   Any worried, upset or anxious thoughts?  Ask and then allow your Angels to wash them away from you.  THAT'S RIGHT!
Simply ask and then ALLOW them to stand you under a lovely warm waterfall of Angel energy. Feel the warmth of their Light pouring down over the top of you, allow each drop of Light to carry away any feelings or thoughts that DO NOT SERVE YOU to your highest purpose and feel the peace and calm that now is able to shine through you take over your thoughts and emotions ....and CARRY ON towards your goals....STRONGER and more PEACEFUL all at the same time!

TODAY IS  111   People!     November 1.       

for more information on Angel Numbers please see  Angel Numbers 101  - Doreen Virtue

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