Friday, August 27, 2021

Archangel Ariel .....COURAGE


Right.  WHEN AND IF you feel that Archangel Ariel may be working with you on your Life Path...then STRAP IN. 

Seriously.  When she is with you (and YES she definitely PROTECTS you 'on the way forward')...but SHE IS ALL ABOUT movement forward. 

Specifically? OUT of comfort zone.   YES! you will make progress forward towards your goals and dreams HOWEVER you will need to have courage (*she will 'fuel this fire) BUT YOU will have to move out of your comfort zone.  

(*you will 'not be ready'...not yet...maybe in a few months...i'll take the next course first...i'll do this next project first....quack quack quack....)

Look at her.  Her eyes tell the story. The time to move forward is now...IF YOU FEEL her working with you.  

**The GOOD thing is that WHILE she is SHOVING you forward lol...she IS 'watching your back'. 

FEEL supported but STEP OUT there if it's 'your time' hey? She will ALWAYS move you forward to POSITIVE Self help...not only for your Self ...also for others.  

Love you all and so do your Angels, 


I LOVE IT when someone 'GETS IT' know?

 Do you have someone like that?  It's so good. 

You don't even 'need' that person all the time's just's really really cool when you get that. 

This can be a girl friend or a boy friend ....long time friend or 'newbie'. 

WHEN you SHARE a feeling or thought ... they 'JUST GET IT'.  so good. 

Here's the thing....

WHEN THAT YOU.  when YOU get YOU. that is REALLY the best thing.  It is magical and very VERY 'freeing' and empowering ALL at the same time. 

the EXCEPTIONALLY cool thing is ...WHEN this happens you are able to BE THAT person for so many others. in so many different ways....(*If they ask and are open to it...but that's a different blog post lol!!) Amazing time WHEN we are gifted with this friend....

and when we ARE that friend to OUR SELF. wow. 

 Some times we need 'that friend' to BE a friend...

and sometimes we need to be our own friend first. 

It's really cool when we 'figure the balance'. 

Hopefully and if we are lucky we are our own friends we KNOW HOW to be a friend to others and RECOGNIZE  friends when we connect. 

That's ok...we got this...together with our Angels. 

Thanks for listening friend. 

Blessings hey, 


Monday, August 23, 2021



Many times our thought processes are STUCK !  We are literally 'hanging out' ideas and possible ways forward ... however nothing is 'lighting up' for us.  Sometimes this is because we are not putting out enough effort in the steps that it takes to get there but to be honest...MANY TIMES it is that the way we have chosen is not the way forward FOR US.  (**Angels speaking here).  We may just be doing things that are 'comfortable' and continuing to do the status quo. 

Fair enough. 

Consider the other thing though....that THE WAY FORWARD (from an Angel perspective ... as they are typically want to do) to OFFER an opportunity that is WAY WAY WAAAAYYYY out of your comfort zone. 

Unfortunately (or fortunately!!)  THIS is the light bulb that is LIT and THIS is your quickest and fastest (ultimately- life path wise) way forward.  Also the most UNCOMFORTABLE. 

*Know that as you accept this challenge...this opportunity there will of course be some 'hiccups'...some 'uncomfortable-ness'.  Regardless FEEL CONFIDENT knowing that you are ON YOUR WAY. 

Your 'BULB is lit'....your Angels are calling.  

FEEL THEM WITH YOU every step of the way.  always. 

Love you all and so do your Angels, 


huh...NEW beginnings have a 'different' way of showing up sometimes...

 Ya know? 

Here's the thing.  Every single day (actually every single moment but let's 'dial it down' for just now) - 

we get a 'a new beginning'. 

THIS is what the DAWN of every day affords us. 

 hmmm...let's take this a step further as the 'DAWNING' OF  our awareness can happen at any time.  

*JUST LIKE the dawning of a new day...sometimes (many times) it's just not THAT spectacular...unless you are looking for it.  Ok. absolutely and many days I have to share I am not always looking in that direction.  BUT...I always ALWAYS can feel the Energy.  

Sometimes the DAWNING of a new day simply takes our breath away!  It is unbelievable that we are able to be in this moment of time!   Truly blessed!! 

I have found that (in hindsight) that the most monumental TURNING POINTS in my life was when I was going through the most tumultuous times ...AND at the same time...NOTICED the dawn of a new day...REGARDLESS of whether it was 'amazing' or not. 

The point was AND IS....we have today to make a difference. 

Always together with our Angels. 

Love you all

And so do your Angels, 


Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Angels and Energy August 2021


lol....Sometimes things are just difficult.  if ANY of us have learned this over the last number of months it is ALL OF US. 

and yet as we go forward...they are not at all difficult if we rely on each other and things that all know to be true.  
Being true to our Selves and each other is 'the thing'.

in large and small ways any all 'movements forward for all' in a positive mindset...are good. 
 all positive decisions make a difference. I respect this always of course as do you all. 

I do have my Angels and Energy message for August here...I would generally only share this write-up on my newsletter but ironically it is directing me back to 'where I started' Google blog.  
THIS is the right thing. 
It is SO OFTEN where we feel the RIGHT thing a POSITIVE spirit for your Self and others. 
This is the right thing. 
Thanks all and HERE (HEAR lol) is the message for August 2021
Bless you all.  
Stay strong. 
Love you and so do your Angels...of course. 
**watch the video please?...i'm better when I'm talking ...or at least that's what I think! lol

OKAY! here we go! August 2021 has a powerful NEW MOON on the 8th. 

WHY DO WE CARE? Because Our Energy (for many) has been 'flip flopping' for awhile. Our Life Force Energy - sometimes we are ON TRACK with our goals and dreams and't have it.  BUT
this month we have an opportunity to GRAB this Energy (if you want it...decide).  that will allow us to connect again with our confidence, RELIABILITY of ability to put things in perspective and HOLD THE BALANCE towards ACTIONS a calm and 'prioritizational' way...together with our Angels! 

**The other thing is that...many NEW opportunities this month will seem small...inconsequential. PAY ATTENTION....small things lead to big things! Your Angels want your attention.

Join me?  and of course the Angels and the Energy Guides in our QUEST to ANSWER THE Challenge.  Together?  We got this. 

Love you all and so do your Angels,