Thursday, December 30, 2010

GIVING & RECEIVING OUR WAY INTO 2011!! *can't have one without the o-o-other!* :)

Good Morning! What a speacial time of year this is! A time to celebrate our past accomplishments, note our disappointments (not to wallow in regret by NO MEANS - our disappointments meant we tried and as a result of it ... we GREW! and that is exactly why we are here on this planet in this life - to grow, to learn, to give and to receive. Keep trying and reaching forward on your Path ~ whatever the outcome, you are continuing and therefore succeeding!  We can look back at the people we have collected in our circle and send blessings to the people whom we have 'bid adieu' to :)  haha!  Let's face it! There are just some people who we are meant to learn from and then move on from.  We MUST insist on surrounding ourselves with positivity and people who lift us up. YES, learn from the others and then return to your power circle of friends, family and acquaintances and let their spiritis raise YOUR spirit! However, while we are on the topic, have you ever loved/respected someone so much that you have felt the need to draw a line in the sand as it were or 'bid adieu' to them in order to protect yourSelf?  Ok, now ~ watch what they do in much do they love/respect you?  Do they turn on their heel and walk away? or do they make some attempt to make amends? do they show you through their actions how they are going to try again a better way?  Remain open to energy, see the Truth for what it is TODAY and by doing this you are keeping your energy moving in the right direction so that other people's energies are open to Yours.  When you close down the circle and cycle of your energy totally towards another...that stops the 'flow' of abundance, of giving and receiving - As we step forward together into 2011, let's make sure we are giving as much as receiving - and let's make sure we are giving so that we MAY FEEL LIKE WE ARE BLESSED ENOUGH TO RECEIVE. Give yourSelf and the people around you every chance to succeed!! What have you got to lose?  but wow!! what have you got to GAIN?  EVERYTHING!
*Just a  quick note as this truly is "The Season of New Beginnings" or so the Angels keep whispering in my ear over the Holidays!  :)  ... give yourSelf the gift of connecting with your real Self now and before  the New Year is here. Go ahead and Awaken your True feels good, calm, whole, blissful, joyful, content.  Know this feeling well as it will be with you so often in 2011 ~ if you lose sight of it...just ask the Angels to restore you to your True Self.  Communicate well with yourSelf,  with others and with your Angels ~ rise above problems as we break free of some of the obstacles that held us back in 2010 and look forward to some Angel Miracle Healing work on our True Selves for 2011!  :)  Help them to help you ~ Ask your Angels for assistance in any area you need, be specific and give thanks for their help :)  Shine on!
Keep shining all and Peace & Blessings to all.  :)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Love yourSelf :)

Good Morning! What a truly wonderful message this morning as we come into the day with a greeting from our Angels that a Happy Surprise is on the way and it has to with Love.  Very nice!  Especially at this time of yeear (ironically!!) it is so nice to see that we can 'pare down' all the hustle and bustle of the season, settle down with a hot cup of tea and know that a blessing of love is ... on the way to us!! and before we go tearing to the front window to peek out and see if a florist is coming up our walkway with a fresh bouquet and a mysterious message, or picture ourselves getting whisked off to Paris when we thought we were being taken out for a coffee at Starbucks etcetc (hah! ALL of which might happen and I DON'T mean to burst your bubble!!) but what the Angels are talking about this morning is SELF LOVE. The surprise is the fact that you are not forsaking your loved ones, friends, acquaintances when you choose not to 'buy in' to their stories and sagas of negativity when you choose to 'put your shields up' and focus on the bubble of protection, self love and Angel love that you have around you.  It's ok to shut out the people that 'rain on your parade' and breathe easily as you make a mental list of all the things you LIKE and LOVE about your Self.  Infact, GO AHEAD!! break out the pen and ink and let's make that list a physical reality!! and make sure it's a long list cuz when you really got a LOT going on!  Recount every time you did someone a good turn.  Dial back and remember the kind words you gave someone else, your Self! Remember all the instances when you were  content just being You. Here's the thing......that's all you really need.  Be content with being yourSelf. Be happy being with your Self.  Love your Self with all the Universal love that is available to everyone ~ make SURE you LOVE your Self.  Say it out loud.  Often.  Emphatically.  You deserve it.... Surprise!!  :)  Shine on Everyone.  Peace & Blessings.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Feel your courage and Honour the Truth!

 Hello! A strong message today as we are urged to confront the situations that we have been avoiding.  C'mon you know you have a couple of areas in your life that you have been looking the other way on, finding excuses for and legitimizing why you haven't looked after it yet.  :)  Well, the time is now.  Yes, NOW!!  You are being given the courage to face any situation, person, place or thing that you have felt in the past and even recent past that you just couldn't 'face' up to it.  Take a deep breath in and feel your chest rise, your shoulders come up, your spine straighten....and then DIVE right in!  Whether it's a phone call you need to make, pop something in the mail, confront someone on an issue, stand up for yourSelf (even if it is standing up TO your Self...see the difference?? sometimes the hardest thing is to admit a shortcoming to the CAN do it!!)   Go Ahead, you are not alone and by realizing that the courage is inside of you to do just are rounding a very important are getting back a piece of yourSelf and shoring up the walls of self confidence...yes, by honouring the truth in every situation and to ourSelves we forge a new strong Path right into's going to be a great Year!  Feel your Courage and Honour the Truth!  Shine on everyone! Peace & Blessings.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Angels Inspire Ideas & Inspiration! Believe!!

Hello!!  Trust in your Ideas and Inspirations!! That's right!  You DO have a very definite idea of where you would like your life to go.  YES! you do ~ however you might not have  any inclination of how to 'get there' or what steps to take to achieve your end goal...that's OK ~ we don't always have to know the'how', in fact sometimes if we DO NOT concentrate and try to figure out the 'how' it enables our Angels to 'do the driving' for us and we are able to spend considerably less time flopping about from path to path and our Angels will guide us gently and easily to the Path that is most convenient and where the footing is more get out of that driver's seat!!  TRUST in your ability to think about your goal, dream about it, spend time in your imagination living a 'day in the life' of your intended goal...enjoy it, feel it... how does it FEEL??!  You are imagining that you have accomplished your dream situation, set of circumstances (whether that is a new job, relationship, house, health level, physical fitness standard, financial gains...)  HOW DO YOU FEEL?  Allow this feeling to wash over you and take control of your current feelings which may be of unworthiness, futility, hopelessness, anxiety, or maybe it's not as bad as all that...maybe you just feel like you are not meant to achieve that level of life.  WELL THINK AGAIN!!  and focus on that FEELING of satisfaction, of generosity, of all encompassing contentment, of a 'job well done' and 'mission accomplished'  - WOW, it was a challenging path, tough at times ~ but I MADE IT!  I did it.  I trusted in my ideas, my inspirtations and I trusted in my Angels to fill me with Faith and Belief at a time when I thought that I was done, out of options.....I kept going  :) 
Let us thank the Angels, our Angels :) for their Grace and constant support, guidance and love :)  Believe, follow your inner guidance, your Angel guidance and Dream Big :)  Peace & Blessings.  Shine on.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Ascended Masters are guiding you to Success!

Good Morning! As we go into another wonder-full weekend our Angels are telling us that they are not the only ones that are around us, lifting us up, guiding us, urging us forward....the ascended masters are literally surrounding us, whispering in our ears, showing us available paths to travel if we so choose, putting synchronicities in front of us to remind us of how we are cared for.  The Ascended master are those figures like Jesus, Quan Yin, the saints, Moses, Mother Mary, Ganesh etcetc.  They are often associated with religions but you don't have to be religious or be associated with a certain religion to feel their loving guidance and power at your side.  Which of these sounds famililar and do you get a surge of knowingness when you hear a name?  and there are so many that are not listed....latch onto the ascended master that you feel around you.  One of my ascended masters is St Therese and I thank her for her guidance, strength and love by (obviously!! haha!)  'saying so and praying so' but also by repeating her prayer "May today there be peace within...." prayer both out loud and I have it written on the home page of my website as well    I  also print it onto candles and give them as gifts at Christmas.  How do you honour your Ascended Master?  Say a few words to connect with them now as the more you give your thanks to them the more they are able to connect fully with you and lead you down the appropriate path to connect you with your power of Manifestation.  Believe deeply and fully in their desire, power and want to help you reach your dreams.  They are here to guide you to succeed!!
Shine brightly today - inward and outward :)  Peace & Blessings

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Archangel Michael sets us in the direction of our Dreams!

Good Morning!  We are going to ask Archangel Michael to help us to 'cut our cords' this morning!  :)  We all have cords attached to us (etheric cords) but they work much like the lines they have attached to hot air balloons to keep them on the ground pre lift-off.  Envision if you will that you have taken the time to lay out this MASSIVE hot air balloon and have also taken the time and training courses to learn how to fill the hot air balloon with the gasses - you want to fly, you want to soar, you want to LIVE YOUR DREAM!!   So you work away and gain the necesssary information, training, people and equipment to take flight. Finally, the day has come! You feel you are ready. You know it is your time!!  So you set everything up ~ the balloon is high over your basket, you have everyone in the basket who you have chosen, you are working the mechanics of the balloon with skill and ease.....but you are still on the ground.  why?    WHY??!   You have done all of the legwork! Dotted the 'i's crossed the 't's, filled out the necessary paperwork!  You have mastered your craft....AT THIS MOMENT,   you peer over the side of the basket and see the heavy long ropes that are weighted and keeping you down.  And it dawns on you, that there is more to it than just fulfilling the mathematical equation, than ticking off all the boxes.  Some of these cords represent the doubt and anxiety (the niggling fears you have had about whether you deserve to fly or not...what if you have put all this work in and to no avail?) some of thes cords are negative self talk (flying is for 'other' people, I wish I could do it but let's face it, this type of success just doesn't happen for people like me), other cords represent other people's comments and derisive negative actions and words regarding your ability to achieve something so great ~ those words had no ability to affect you at all but BECAUSE YOU LISTENED TO IT AND GAVE IT CREDENCE IN YOUR THOUGHTS it became one of your strongest cords out there!  Still others are residue from old relationships and destructive patterns of behaviour, self sabotage etc.  WOW!  That's alot of stuff!!  No WONDER there may be trouble getting in the air, flying free....
GOOD NEWS!! Archangel Michael can help ou to cut all of those cords away from your Spirit, your Self.  Simply ask out loud or in your thoughts "Archangel Michael, please help me to cut any etheric cords that are attached to me right now, holding me down, holding me back and creating a block between my Self and my endeavours and dreams here and now.  I realize that any negativity that I have allowed to become attached to me is of no use to me and with your help, I set it free from my Soul to be transmuted into the Divine Light.  I feel lighter, free-er, ever grateful that I can move forward comfortably and positively in the directions of my dreams. Please suround me in a circle of protective Divine Light to shield me from any cords that may try to attach themselves to me as I go through my day today and always. Thank you Archangel Michael"
You can do this exercise immediately upon awakening, just before bed and as many times a day as you like and especially if you are feeling weighed down, heavy or blocked.
Have a wonder-full day today, set yourSelf free together with Archangel Michael and fly high in the direction of your Dreams!!  Peace & Blessings.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Peace & our Guardian Angels

Hello!  A warm, embracing message from our Angels and that is of Peace as our Guardian Angels watch over us.  Actually, our Guardian Angels are doing much more than watch over us at this time in that they are guarding us assertively and actively.  They are shielding us from negative energies and situations...the very ones that have sprung up randomly and at will so often over the past few months are having a VERY difficult time reaching us now as our Angels have us contained in a safe harbour where troubles may not touch us however opportunities can enter at will :) 
Please be aware of opportunities coming to you and take advantage of them with a peaceful, confident heart.  Do not second guess options and doors opening (even if it is only a crack right now) just go with the flow as it comes to you.  If you haven't noticed anything specific coming through the door to you as of yet, be patient ... and know that better times are on the way to you.  Enjoy your shield, your bubble of Divine Light as your Angels surround you :)  Note also that the opportunities that are 'making themselves apparent to you'....may not necessarily be the ones that you had specifically hoped for, dreamed for...they may be and yet they may not..those opportunities may be a little farther down the Path for you...or maybe your Path has changed or altered slightly to make way for a different set of realizations.  Be open, trusting and confident as you stay open to receive....receive the gifts your Angels are bringing your way :)  Peace & Blessings to all ~ Shine on!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Forgiveness....and Wish Upon on a Star!!

Good Morning! A firm, forceful and yet magical message from the Angels this morning as we wake up and greet another beautiful weekend :)  What's passed has passed and we are all being reminded ~ in fact, this morning it is being INSISTED UPON that we forgive ourSelves and others as well for past misdeeds of course) but the resounding message as I woke this morning was to do a little soul searching and find the dark shadows in your spirit that are lurking there, you know the shadows where the negative self talk springs up from ??  haha!  yes, we all have those corners that our ego likes to hold onto in order to bring our Spirit 'down' when we deserve to be floating and flying witht the other friendly, light energetic spirits who we most recognize. Your Angels want to take you back up to the heights where you deserve to be.  By forgiving yourSelf of any past misdeeds (You are 'only 'human' right?? and we are HERE to make judgements in error and then learn by them, it's planned, its HOW W E GROW!!)  forgive yourSelf, let go an ANY poor feelings and tiny inklings of lower worth and soar with your Angels...let your spirit, your Joy rise up within you and feel it shining like a column of strength right through your core and out into your world today  :) 
Normally, I would end it here...but another message is also here, just as wish on a star today :)  Maybe you are awake right now and your sky is still dark as well...step outside close, your eyes and when you open them ` the first star your eyes find is YOUR STAR...MAKE your WISH...done  :)  As you go about your day, if you see a decorative star in a store, on a tv screen, painted on a billboard....this is also YOUR star :)  Make another wish!  and of couse, before you rest tonight....find another star!  Keep looking at the stars, shine up to the stars as they shine down on YOU.  Peace and so many Blessings for you all. Have a magical day :)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Know and be safe in your own Power!

 Good Morning! A wonderful day today as we come to know that our Angels are telling us that we are safe in our own power :) Archangel Gabriel is around today urging us to familiarize ourSelves with our own internal power and to feel quietly confident as we go about our day today.  Please recognize that there is within us a deep well of unconditional love which we can receive from and also from which we can give.  Life sometimes seems so complicated however truly, it is not. Let's focus now on  peeling away the items on our to-do list that do not have to be there....look at your list and put each item 'under the microscope'...does it need to be there? can it be moved to another day? ...can it be 'struck from the list' altogether??!! Quite often we add things to that list that do not need to be there and only serve to clutter up our minds, lives, days etc.  Get rid of what you can!!  and look at the much smaller to-do list now...are you breathing easier? more deeply?  are you even smiling and did your shoulders 'come down'??  Good!  As we do this we are clearing up our confidence, our self esteem, our power centre and getting that blocked solar plexus chakra spinning again :)  Let the 'things that are wieghing you down needlessly' dissolve into the Angel Light and ask Archangel Gabriel to help you to feel safe in your own power, to realize your own power and to feel your own Divine energy and the energy from your Angels flowing strongly and directly through your soul and Spirit today.  Feel it.  Know it!  and Shine what you can to others you meet today.  Peace & Blessings to all :)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Go to your 'happy place' :) and rejuvenate!

Good Morning! and 'Happy December' to you :) Do you ever use that expression ... "I am in my happy place" right now or do you ask others ever (your kids, a friend who's upset)  to 'go to their happy place"?  Maybe a sales clerk has asked you a question and you haven't heard them because you say you are "in your happy place" and then you laugh a little and 'beam' back in  :)
I would like you to think about your "happy place" really ... dial it in- immerse yourSelf there...think back to the different 'happy places' you have had over the course of your years here....has your place changed or has it always been the same?  When I was a child my happy place was a place I called "Strawbery fields" but it was a giant field of poppies mixed with high grasses and hills in the distance (there is a very popular print now of a poppy field which I have a HUGE copy of hanging in my bedroom ~ and not by mistake either!!  :)  but my happy spot now can be of walking through the forest as well...or sometimes at the beach (a gourgeous beach with sand dune cliffs and beautiful bright blue crashing waves...) but usually I float right back to Strawberry Fields...(and yes, I became a Beatles fan later as well but we will stick to the point here!  haah!! I really don't know why I called it that but I did :)
Anyway, how do my 'happy places' compare with yours?  similar? different?  I BET THAT THERE IS A  VERY COMMON THREAD/THEME IN ALL OF OUR HAPPY PLACES.  I would wager money on almost 99% if not 100% of our 'happy places' are all outdoors or have the outdoors involved in some way.  I bet NONE of our 'happy places' are in office buildings, laundry rooms, shopping malls, stuck in traffic, watching TV, talking on the phone....
Are you reading me here??  Today and every day spend some time outdoors!  Even as little as a few minutes to soak in some fresh air will benefit you no end and increase your own connection to your Angels and the guidance they are trying to pass to you tenfold!  and yes, the weather here today is wet, rainy/snowy, cold, damp etc but you know? if you listen you can hear the birds over the other hubbub and while I am downtown, I close my eyes and feel the crisp breeze on my cheeks and feel my skin respond to the elements and I feel tingly and start to smile ~ BREATHE in fully and let the healing powers of Archangel Raphael surround you in healing green energy Light ~ Let every cell in your body and soul respond to the restorative power of Nature and the great outdoors. Get outside and take down the barriers between you and Mother Earth ~ even if only for a few moments.  Get connected - go to your 'happy place' and then come back and move forward fearlessly with your day knowing that your Angels 'have your back'  :)  Shine on fearlessly and fully today!  Peace & Blessings