Saturday, January 15, 2022

huh...what does PURE JOY look like?

 You may have forgotten...but your Angels DO NOT FORGET. 

THEY know.  (and actually you do too)

Bring it in. 

This is not a difficult task.  NOT compared to what you have already faced!! 

Regardless of what we are going through right now? CONTINUE to share Hugs, a kind word, friendship and (perhaps most importantly)...a 'listening ear'..

C' got more.  We ALWAYS got more to share.  STOP HIDING. STOP it.  


Feel it. Show it to someone else, EveryOne else...Every Body you come across 'on your Daily'...

and ESPECIALLY to and for Your Self!  

**Just like this picture....look what's coming up behind you!! PURE JOY! 

YOUR Angels have you in a Full Hug.  

Love you all and so do your Angels, 


Friday, January 14, 2022

Archangel Michael BIG PROTECTION & The Number 6

THIS is Archangel Michael. 

This card is a BIG DEAL. 

WE  know who and what Archangel Michael, guidance, BOSSINESS (lol) as he Strongly Assists us to move in the right direction as we move along our pathway. 

The protection is key here...feeling his wings around us, his hand on our shoulder, his arms around us...even sitting beside us and especially (always) standing behind us.  He always 'has our back'. 

Don't worry you are moving forward together with Archangel Michael...and together (forewarned and forearmed) with your Angels. ALL IS WELL.  You are protected.  

There is no worry here. IN FACT, things are Looking up.  Are you ready for this?   

C'mon you hear me.  I think?  SOME of you are so used to things being a bit down that looking up is hard - I get it.  Still, when this card shows up...we HAVE to.   You see when SIX of Michael shows up then this (for those who believe and get this) is guiding us to 

FOCUS ON THE SPIRITUAL...(whatever that means to you on your pathway)....LEAVE THE MATERIAL stuff to him.  *them. 

The thing is that *sometimes we need to focus more on That and less on the other minute by minute. 

Maybe for a bit we let him/them 'drive the bus'....just give it a shot.  ... FOR those that this resonates got them with ya!  

Go you! 

Love you all and so do your Angels, 



Book: Angels and Energy - Daily Inspirations and Angel Guidance






Tuesday, January 11, 2022


 When we are working with this number...or more significantly when THE ANGELS are SENDING us this number...

then an IMPORTANT TRANSFORMATION is happening within us and around us...potentially BOTH. 

Are you noticing this number 5 in your awareness?  Are you seeing it in your daily....especially 555? 

This is for a reason be assured!  YOur Angels are working powerfully with you. 

There is opportunity for you to 

WAKE UP AND REALIZE THAT THERE IS OPPORTUNITY...being offered you.  It may be (slightly) uncomfortable if it involves something new - but WHEN this number is being shown to you then the TRANSFORMATION FORWARD will be a positive Change. 

Stay in touch with your Angels...keep recognizing the symbols they are sharing with you...keep accepting the ANGEL LIGHT they are shining your way

and BE Blessed always. 


AND your Angels!

The FIRST FULL MOON of 2022...and your Angels


ohhhKAY!!!! We are a few days 'out' until THE FIRST FULL MOON OF 2022!
So....good news we have TIME to prepare our Selves.

What (who/which) things (people, situations, mindsets, habits) do we want to RELEASE? TOGETHER with our Angels? AND of course the Full MOON.

Well can we do it together?

Here is the link to join me and the Angels to RELEASE.

I invite you....we welcome you.

Always and sending many blessings your way the link and JOIN US for a very Energetically POWERFUL New Year with the Angels.

Sunday, January 9, 2022

ANGELS ARE Shining your way ... always.


Look, I get it.  There are so many THINGS in our daily...especially now. BUT....but!!!!!

THERE are always amazing people that SHINE your way. AND your Angels are ALWAYS SHINING YOUR WAY.

The THING IS and WHY this photo SHONE out to me is because of the ...


HELLO. !!! 

This is all about Solar Plexus Chakra. 

*This is the Energy Chakra this is just below our Rib Cage (above our Navel) can put one or two of your Palms there if you want.  THIS CHAKRA governs ; Self Confidence, Self Esteem, Determination, Prioritization and WILLPOWER. 

OK....JUST for the minute (we will be talking about this in more depth)....just put your hand there and FEEL THIS AMAZING ENERGY. 

breathe in and out....fully and deeply.... 

you are not listening - THREE TIMES....BREATHE IN.....a little more 


BREATHE OUT ....breathe out some more....and some more...



YOur Angels Are Working with you...Always...just pay attention ok?  ...and FEEL the Happy. 

just do the work. 

Love you all and so do your Angels, 


Friday, January 7, 2022

Angel healing!


SOMETIMES we get SUCH great news that we need to RUN across the beach and feel grateful!

SOMETIMES Even if WE DON'T KNOW... what is Happening....we STILL need to Literally or at least in our mind...our meditations...OUR THOUGHTS! ...WE need to feel we are running across the sand....


**When we ask them to be there for us then ... THEY ARE. Many times in SO MANY ways we are not aware... until later.   

Ok...insider Secret? don't Need the Umbrella. !! They are holding it for you AS LONG AS YOU ARE TALKING to them? Are you? **I know you are.  

and so do they!


Love you all and so do your Angels, 

Meanwhile dance in the Sand and TRUST that your Angels are ALWAYS HOLDING your Umbrella, 


Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Meditation - Healing with Archangel Raphael and Archangel Chamuel 444



on all levels...mentally, emotionally, physically and Spiritually. 

Angel Love and Healing....Join us on my YouTube channel for this meditation - 4:44mins. 

Click the link and join Archangel Raphael and Archangel Chamuel for HEALING. 
LOVE you all ...and so do your Angels.  CLICK HERE 
Stacey ....and your Angels