Monday, October 31, 2011

Simply be your Self

New day? Fresh Beginning!

Fresh day. Fresh start. Fresh week. Fresh perspective.
Like the dawning of the day we can enjoy  and are blessed with a fresh chance each morning to make a fresh start. Take the best of the "yesterdays" and add it into the mix for your own style of unique contribution to "today". Are you going to 'take this chance' that is being offered to you this morning? OF COURSE YOU ARE! and you are going to take it again tomorrow. and tomorrow. and the day after that.
 wow, what a gift we are given each and every morning!  Unwrap your gift today and let it shine out into your World. Shine Brightly!!

Sunday, October 30, 2011


That's ok! Here's the thing tips....the sun IS NOT going to shine every day.  yup. that's right.  it just isn't going to.  stinks.
some days (weeks!) we are just sitting there minding our own business, ticking along beautifully....feeling the beauty in the air, giving thanks for all that we have around us, taking in our surroundings, feeling the love.....and THEN??  AND THEN????  WOW.
there it is. the wakeup call. The person, place or thing (that can actually be somewhat of a permanent fixture on parade day? and if that is so then we have a larger deal to work with.....for SURE!) but right now we are talking about this 'thing' that while we are sitting there minding our own business and wishing others would do the same (haha!) we feel a few drops, then a few more and then SLAM!!! IT'S like a water balloon in the face!! Negativity and bad karma rain down on us from OUT OF NOWHERE and what can you do?? The parade is somewhat dampened but continues anyway (because focused positive people persevere even in the middle of a monsoon!!) however, the silver lining has been a bit tarnished.
Right, enough with the meandering analogies for the moment (in spite of how I LOVE them!) It's time to get to the grit as this is a subject that is VERY close to my heart.  (cue drumroll)
There are people in this world that LOVE parades...
.and there are people in this world who LOVE to rain on them....
and so be it.
Each serves a purpose to be sure. Parade people spend an enormous amount of time annually wearing rose coloured glasses and a dose of reality needs to be had in order to keep that balance.  Conversely, Raincloud people spend an enormous amount of time shielding themselves from any type of emotion, tut-tutting and poo-poohing themselves into a very dark and dismal corner.  Balance between the two is a beautiful AND PRODUCTIVELY POSITIVE place to work with, deal from, enJOY and ACCOMPLISH REAL GOALS FOR YOUR SELF AND FOR OTHERS.  BALANCE.

I DO personally LOVE this picture. This little guy is sitting minding his business and yet suddenly feels life raining on his parade.  Instinctively! (I am assuming he has not at this point consulted his life manual, Reiki manual, Angel Therapy manual or any point inbetween!! haha!) however, he INSTINCTIVELY reaches down to solidify his foundation to maintain his position while he is being attacked or his position weakened in any way and AT THE SAME TIME REACHES UP to ensure that he is shielded from any further damage....and HE IS SHIELDED -  as we all are! (our Angel Team makes sure of that and in particular, Archangel Michael - this is his specialty and any time you need shielding he is RIGHT THERE for you! so don't hesitate!!)

If our roots are solid (our integrity, our foundation, our M.O.) and we are quite sure as we reach up that we have a firm belief in the protection of our Angel Team to shield us from any and all negativity that may fly our way(any harsh situation, any toxic situation etc)....we are good! We are protected above and we are firm in our foundations!....ALL SYSTEMS GO!! There is NOTHING we cannot accomplish. period. really. FEEL this and KNOW this.
If you don't KNOW  this (and I mean KNOW it right down to your toes) then you need to try it. Next time you feel the rain drops start.....reach down.....reach up.....and FEEL SOLID!  There is no need to call a halt to the parade!!!! Just keep going darlin' and KNOW that you can just keep SHINING from wherever you are at!!....REGARDLESS of the weather!  Shine on!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Drink in your Angel Rays!

There is no change quite like our changing of the seasons. In Canada as in many parts of the world we have a sense of awe and wonder at the constant change of the weather, the landscapes and the different feelings and emotions they all seem  to excavate from within us. Currently, in the deep days of autumn with the frost on the roofs in the morning, the furnace kicking in in the middle of the night and getting caught by surprise as the outside is SO chill at the beginning and end of each day - however we still have these BEAUTIFUL warm sunrays breaking through the skies LIGHTING UP the fall leaves and warming us from the outside in.
Feeling, TRULY FEELING the suns rays on us at ANY point in any season and in any part of the world is like a deep relaxation spa therapy provided for you directly from the Divine! and especially at this time of the year I find the waning intenseness of the sun just before we plunge HEAD FIRST to winter....the most cherished.
 Sunrays (also called Angel rays in my house :) are GOOD LUCK!  When you spot them from afar (driving in the car down the highway ... especially on the way to a sporting event! a great omen also!) or see and feel them streaming into your windows of your house.... or are out for a walk and see and FEEL THEIR GRANDEUR and HARMONY seeping into you, feeling their bliss on your cheeks and forehead, warming the top of your head and's just like you are physically feeling your Angels sitting on your shoulders, putting their hands on your cheeks and lending you support and comfort.  Look for your sun rays....your Angel rays! and FEEL their healing and comforting energy working on you and all that is around you. Shine back at them and feel the bliss.

Let Stacey MacDonald help you to discover your Angel rays - she offers Angel Therapy in Oakville.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Change is SCARY!!

Oh my gosh!! CHANGE? what change?  good, bad, up, down, new, old, any way it will be DIFFERENT!  different from today and there is virtually NO WAY of knowing FOR SURE if these changes will affect me positively in a myriad of ways, short term or long term and in general unless and until....I experience it.
Even just writing about it has quickened my heart rate and eyes are a little wider as my mind automatically starts ticking back, back, back through time to all of the changes I have endured, undergone, looked forward to , DREADED, been surprised at, taken in stride etc.   .... and yet here I sit.
Here I sit with another change coming my way and I KNOW it is for my 'greater good' haha!! what's more I have felt it coming for awhile (a couple of years anyway) and I was initially overwhelmed when it came up in my face but then I giggled a bit under my breath and nodded - yup, here it is.  and so....
I STILL am wondering a MILLION things!! have you been there? are you there now?? worried a bit, excited a bit, trying to think of all and any loose ends you could tie up NOW instead of leaving it till you are in the thick of it??!  yes, well....

Change as we know is part of the 'schtick' while we are here on this journey of we change (either kicking and screaming or embracing it!!!) we are growing! and therefore EXPERIENCING more of what we are meant to on this journey! ticking off some of those boxes that we agreed to do with our Angel Team before we got here and started our Path! 
As 'scary' as it is...ya gotta do it !  :)  so 'buckle down and GIT ER DONE!!' and remember, great results are not made overnight....inch by inch, step by step, feeling your way, leaning on your intuition, listening to your Angel guidance (after all THEY are the ones who got you into this!! and they are the BEST kind of support staff!!) will round this corner brilliantly and beautifully!!

So keep going.  Step by Step.  enJOY it!! Yeah, that's right! Here's a tip!...have some FUN with it!! So, you are NEW  at something!! Just buck up and enjoy the heck out of it!  and KEEP SHINING!!!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Reiki - powerful Healing!

Reiki - (pronounced Ray-key) is a natural energy technique that unlocks inner flow of vital energy to restore an inner balance. There are 3 levels of Reiki training in all. In Level I, you will learn the history of Reiki and the chakra system as well as be attuned to perform Self Reiki and learn to use appropriate hand placement in performing Reiki to heal others. You are able to tap into an unlimited supply of "life force energy" to improve health and enhance the quality of your life. Reiki treats the whole person including their mind, body, emotions and spirit as well as assuring a sense of peace, security and well-being. Specifically, this healing energy can assist with reducing pain, reducing stress, enhancing self esteem and self confidence, clearing your mind, shortening healing time and restoring energy and balance. Please Click here for a full description of all levels of Usui/Tibetan Reiki training -
Please Contact Stacey MacDonald Usui Reiki Master/Teacher offering Reiki in Oakville, Ontario

ACE that test!!!

Ace-ing the test. Remember that feeling?  Getting that question at recess, walking home after school, or from your mom or dad at dinner time or later on at college or University...that feeling after the exam when you KNOW you finished well.....'how did the test go?"  ....  smiling, "I ACED it".  awesome.

HOW did we manage it? was there a special equation that we followed? did we eat something special for breakfast that morning? did we wish extra hard on a star in the night sky previously?  maybe.  But 'dollars to donuts' I would say that more than likely we prepared. We listened, we studied, we understood, we asked questions, we followed our intuition, we STAYED CALM and went through our preparations methodically and BELIEVED that we could do this. and?  WE DID!! and we did it WELL.  AND CONFIDENTLY! because we prepared and we believed!
On a much larger scale and also a much smaller scale this very same methodology can be applied to ABSOLUTELY any other situation, obstacle, challenge, new venture or tricky situation we come across on a daily basis.  Once we have prepared fully - THAT'S when the believing comes in. 
and on the way to the test, when the ego starts to play its tricky games and try to wiggle its way into our subconscious with negative thoughts - we PUSH it away and focus on calming breaths.  Keeping our breath even and steady we visualize EVERY breath in comes the BELIEF and TRUST in ourSelves and the full support of our Angel Team.........and with every breath out....goes any doubts, fears or anxieties.  NOTHING to feel anxious about!   WE are PREPARED and we are SUPPORTED!!
So go ahead today and PREPARE! do some legwork in an area where you feel less than fully confident in!! Get that extra work done and then sit back and let your Angels do the rest!!  :)  and Keep shining while you do it!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Throw OPEN your arms AND RECEIVE!!!!!!

Oh wow!!! DRINK in the AWESOME power of today! right now!  There is absolutely nothing like the feeling of standing out in a field all by your Self....MILES of field stretching out in all directions, MILES and miles of space, air, life giving energy between you and that beautiful blue sky and that revitalizing power of the sun, MILES of ground between you and centre Earth, the grounding life force of Mother Earth pulsing beneath your feet....
all of this for you.  as you stand there.  SO SMALL in the Universe that 'ticks along' with or without you, whether you are relaxing, sleeping, laughing, crying, controlling (or trying your best to! and miserable failing because WE CANNOT CONTROL THINGS - WE MUST GO WITH THE FLOW!! but I digress....haha!) working, playing etc.
for you. all for you.
so PAY ATTENTION! Be THANKFUL for ALL that is provided for you today. and yesterday. and yesterday before that. and tomorrow. and....the thing is - it is ALL there for us whether we are paying attention or not...whether we are grateful or not.  THAT is unconditional love and it surrounds us everyday.  now THAT is truly something to be grateful for!!
THROW OPEN YOUR ARMS WIDE and receive abundance into your heart TODAY! It is there for the taking!  so TAKE IT!!
and keep Shining :)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

FEEL the power of 'TOGETHER'!!

It's a world full of 'busybusy' to be sure and while we are generally focusing on Self, true Self, the power of Self, getting in touch with your Self......yes yes yes ALL TRUE and all very important and all to easy to forget and so, yes. FEEL a deep connection with your Self on all levels. Peel off those layers of 'busybusy' till you get there....good.
AND ALSO!!! FEEL THE POWER OF TOGETHERNESS!  ACCEPT help from those who are offering it in a kind and beautiful manner. Thank you.  SAY "Thank you for offering your help - I will be GLAD to accept".  The power of together - people that you ALLOW into your circle of friends, family, acquaintances, business partners etc that assist you in a POSITIVE way in all levels!!
We are MEANT to receive the help that is offered to us - emotionally, physically, financially, spiritually.....receive good graciously into your life, your heart and your whole being! 
So go on!  Keep that balance flowing while you maintain your own freedom of spirit, your own individuality WHILE you take advantage of the benefits of running with the herd!! FEEL the power of TOGETHER!! and make sure you are shining for your whole circle!!  :)

Stacey MacDonald

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Allow your TRUE SELF to shine through!!!

Be your Self! Out loud and proud. Wear your heart on your sleeve. Shout out your emotions!  Feeling low? let it show. (and then LET IT GO! as my kids always remind me!! ha!) FEELING GREAT?? don't hesitate! get it out there and SHARE it! Shine it out there to everyone you meet and everyone you see and Shine your good fortune and great energy into your community ALL DAY LONG!!

We live in a world of 'busybusy' and in this world our emotions and the way we truly TRULY FEEL  too often get shoved down into the course of events that avalanche into our day.  We MAY feel a bit sad, a bit frightened, a LOT EXCITED about personal events or opportunities or achievements etc at certain times through the day but ...oops! SQUASH IT DOWN cuz there is NO TIME to FEEL that right now...I must deal with this phone call, this email, this appointment, this feeding for the baby, this carpool to work, to soccer etcetcetc. "I will feel that later".
Have you ever done that?? "I will feel that later?"  ok, LET'S START PUTTING OUR FEELINGS IN OUR DAILY AGENDA - yes? Let's as a group grab our smartphones and schedule in  between 6 and 6:15 this evening 'joy'/ 'anger' /'frustration'/ 'confusion'/'excitement' ....making a special note that this particular meeting with Self MUST NOT extend beyond 6:15 as you have another engagement with someone or something else (other than YOU and therefore MORE IMPORTANT than YOU and naturally more important than you actually and sincerely TAKING TIME for your emotions! haha!)

ok, really? is this where we are at??  of course not! (at least not yet!) no.
Today, WEAR YOUR TRUE FEELINGS AS A STAMP OF APPROVAL! Do NOT under-react to situations, do NOT over-react to situations....simply and confidently RESPOND to each situation individually as you allow your TRUE FEELINGS to show you the way. Be your Self. and be empowered doing so!
Keep shining!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

hmmmm....which rock to choose for the best view? :)

A GREAT BIG analogy today! as we place our Selves on the beach building our tower of stones - over the course of the day, the week, the year(s) :) we strive for balance and experience a constant rush of human emotions as we challenge ourSelves to find JUST THE RIGHT balance for EVERYTHING!!...and just like when we were kids and worked on our beach towers similarly in our life we feel we have placed the stones well - or have tried very much to do so, our chief responsiblility at the time was to ensure there was  a solid foundation and each decision on which rock to place, how to place it and then test it to make sure the 'wobble factor' was reduced to a minimum!! haha!  Then the next decision of which rock to place NEXT. Choose a rock as flat as possible, large enough to hold the next rock and the next and the next.....we actually don't know how many rocks we will be asked to place on our tower however - our main area of focus is that ... the tower is  balanced.
When the tower is balanced you are not limited as to how many rocks you can add on. (You know the towers where the 3rd and 4th rock have been chosen poorly and so as you add 7,8 and 9 the tower starts leaning drastically to the left and then, and then......awwww!! down it goes! Yes, we ALL know that feeling!.....a few minutes to look in disbelief, bury your face in your hands and then what do you do?? YES.  you simply start again - having learned some lessons on what rocks to pick that best suit you, and your tower and how to place them.- SOME of the same rocks can be reused in the new endeavour and some need to be traded out... It quite often feels even BETTER building the tower this time as you are WISER and more confident :)
THIS tower is getting stronger and higher day by day, moment by moment - the foundation is stronger, the building is guided and therefore there are NO LIMITS!
EnJOY your tower today! Whatever height it is at this moment in time - maybe you feel you have not built high enough to really see much from the top, maybe your tower USED to be higher but then it 'crashed down' and you have had to start over or MAYBE  you feel it is SO HIGH that you don't dare BREATHE for it may come crashing down?  FORGET ALL THAT!!! YOUR foundation is STRONG! Your belief is STRONG! Stride up to your tower and start climbing...grab ahold of your stones and climb each rock saying a prayer of gratitude for each lesson you have learned and gained from when you placed it...climb higher, higher and when you get to the top....SIT DOWN :) and closing your eyes...deep breath IN.....exhale out (loudly and fully, mouth slightly open, exhale right down to your toes!) now do it again, do it 3 times.  :)    Open your eyes..... Nice view :)

When you FEEL you are full to the brim with appreciation of your Self and your abilities.....

CLIMB DOWN AND KEEP BUILDING!!!! haha!  oh, and keep shining too!! :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Celebrate! do you remember how?

Oh my goodness!! We strive and strive to reach a milestone that we have had in our heads and minds and dreams for so long - how long??! can't remember! just so long the striving has become part of us, our daily routine to think about , check back on, put it on the prayer list, the affirmation list, the "I'll be happy when I reach that milestone" list....
and then?  WE GET THERE.
YAY? good for me? well done me? hip hip and "for I'm the jolly good everything"??!, not so much. perhaps a quick revelation and then back in the car, driving back and forth, groceries to get, phones to answer, laundry to do....
NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!  STOP.
you got there. sit down and let that wash over you in a big big BIG way. Dial back to the time when you were lost and looking for some direction, choosing a goal, a milestone to reach for. Networking with others and feeling your way, making your choices about HOW to do it, WHEN TO DO IT, how much is too much, how much is not enough..etcetcetc.  Alot of YOU went in to the accomplishment. Alot of inner guidance was followed....YOU LISTENED and YOU ACHIEVED. You are there.
and YES! I KNOW that now that you are there - there is SO MUCH MORE TO ALSO LEARN AND SPIN OFF FROM and this achievement also shows you that there is so much MORE TO DO , to  LEARN...YES! and you are right. There is and you will.
But not today. Today you Celebrate :) and maybe tomorrow too. Celebrate within your Self and fully and COMPLETELY in a very self assured, confident and self satisfied way!! pat your Self on the back! Smile to yourSelf! ALL DAY! Tell your inner child that so strives for YOUR OWN ACKNOWLEDGEMENT that you did good. really really good!!
Keep shining! and allow your Self to 'shine brighter'!! as you Celebrate!!  :)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

BEWARE of the glass ceiling!

Sure we have all had at least one glass ceiling at one point in time....what? ya? do you think you might have one now in some area of your life? no kidding!  of course you do - we all do!  you might not even realize it (or perhaps you very much do realize it and you have quite the goose egg on top of your forehead from continually SMACKING INTO your glass ceiling on a regular basis!)  Maybe your 'one of those' who has JUST SUCCESSFULLY poked a hole in (one of) your glass ceiling and are VERY MUCH enjoying the view....well done! good on you!!
and who do you think is the glassmaker?  right, it is US! WE alone have placed so many misconceptions, barriers, perceptions, excuses, anxious thoughts, self sacrificing duties etcetcetc on OUR SELVES! that while we are doing this we are carefully fabricating a beautiful glass ceiling directly over our heads. From this vantage point we can SEE where we would like to go (in fact this pops quite frequently into our line of vision) we can even see OTHER people get where we would like to go, we can even dream (dare we) about SOME DAY breaking through all those barriers and restrictions and POKING A SMALL HOLE in that glass ceiling and enjoying the view from the top!

So try it...WOW!! WHAT A RUSH!! no limitations, no restrictions, no excuses, no fear just grand grand thoughts and dreams and goals accomplished!! Sure, there is risk is not as 'safe' up here....but, we can BREATHE again and we can LAUGH again!! we are truly living now!!!! not 'waiting' to live.
So, SOMEDAY is now TODAY! Break through your glass ceiling.  Now in your head. Just DO IT! Strip away all the barriers, misconceptions, excuses, anxious thoughts etc and FEEL IT crumble above you and separate enough for you to poke your head up around you and see sights that you have never SEEN before....starting with the Self that you have never SEEN before!! like it?  haha! I thought so!! me too!  (*and think of the Windex we'll save!!*) haha!! Keep shining!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

ZIP IT!! GREAT things can be gained!

Ah yes! It never ceases to amaze my in this world of "communicatecommunicatecommunicate" through verbal agreement(or disagreement! haha!) through texting, through emailing, through skyping, through ... hand written letter?? yes, I still think sometimes! (SO NICE to get those in the mailbox by the way if anyone is wobbling on the edge of should I or shouldn't I jot off a note to someone and pop it in the mail...the answer is YES!) anyway, I digress  -  from the MOMENT our feet hit the floor in the morning we are communicating in some way with the outside world and WHILE I am generally the one being told from MY Angel Team to shout loudly from the rooftops and encourage people to "Get it out! Speak from the heart!" and that is true - TODAY the Angels are saying to know the difference sometimes and be able to gain from knowing when and which situations can be greatly benefitted by having the inner power to ZIP IT!! hah!
and when I say ZIP IT! I mean you are in a situation where every fibre of your being wants to make a comment (probably a nasty one) share an observation (possibly judgemental) express your displeasure (to say the least) maybe you even  want to jump up and down, scream some accusatory remarks, shed a few tears in the process, slam a few doors...well, you get the picture!
bottom line is .... sometimes....and follow your intuition on this, there will be a niggling in your belly that will be urging you to....ZIP IT.   Instead, try this...visualize your Self third person and instead of allowing the comments and frustrations rise to the surface - detach emotionally from the situation and see yourSelf grab a large popcorn and gargantuan pop from a make-believe vendor and take a seat in the theatre front row and see how the situation ends if you become a non-commital bystander in the situation. Watch all the actors in the play see out their roles, enjoy the show. Feel your Angel Team taking a seat with you...they will cue you when it is time to put down the popcorn and take your place in the show again but until then....ZIP IT and relax.
There are definitely situations where this rule can be applied and GREAT THINGS can be won by doing so. I had a situation just this week where I 'ZIPPED IT'  and there were subsequent scenarios that followed (where I was just sitting there with my popcorn) and I wanted to THROW my popcorn down to the ground and jump up on that stage, my entire being was vibrating but I forced myself to breathe (sipped my pop) and sit on  my hands and focused on ZIPPING IT.
 At the end of (a very long) week, I had a surprise proclamation by a new actor on the stage but involved with the situation nonetheless, and the result was still tears in my eyes but NOT tears of frustration! they were tears of overwhelming Joy! how AMAZING was this decision that seemingly sprang from nowhere and even if I had tried to control the situation earlier in the week - there is NO WAY that this situation would have been able to be resolved in this GREAT way!! how awesome. truly.
I wish to share with you today that your Angels will be sitting and sharing your popcorn if a situation arises where you have GREAT THINGS TO GAINED BY ZIPPING IT! haha! 
Sit back and enJOY the show!! and keep shining!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Grab that morning time and run with it folks!!

 That's right!! ugh, the alarm is going off (because last night you were BENT on setting a new routine this morning) BEST foot forward and the morning has come now and you are getting up EXTRA EARLY to ensure you can have your cup of coffee before the rest of the world has woken up and CAPITALIZE on that intense energy that is practically palpable in the quiet morning air just before the dawn.  Not a morning person? DOES NOT MATTER! This energy, this opportunity to connect fully with your Angel team in person, one on one is available to all of us and it is as simple as setting a pattern and letting them know that you are (somewhat! haha!) awake, ready and listening and DRINKING IN the beautiful morning energy!
In all seriousness folks, if you try it - you will know what I mean. Each day seems to get incrementally busier and busier - the energy and demands of the day can be felt prickling along our nervous systems much like static on a radio station. BEFORE all that happens - in the morning, JUST before the dawn is a magical time where even stepping out on the front porch or the balcony, FEELING the silence and allowing the notion of being the ONLY one awake in this sleeping world and therefore you have ALL of the twinkling stars energy to drink in all to your Self, all of the Angels and Archangels and Nature Angels attention all to your Self as they notice you standing there, so small in this great big world silently awaiting your download of peace and calm and quiet - an inner knowingness that no matter what today brings - it will NOT IN ANY WAY be as BIG or as AWESOME as this wonderful connection you have made with the Divine this morning. Together with this awesome partnership been forged as the sun greets the world in a yellow haze on the distant turn to go in, vibrating with energy, having been cleansed of ANY doubts on your ability to meet any challenge with your newfound and welcomed back up team :) and are ready to greet the day - EXHILARATED!!!
Don't miss the next show! Its worth it!!  Let the morning rays Light up your Shine and shine it back onto everyone you meet all day long!!  :)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I Believe...

I Believe the Divine lives within each one of us

I Believe we can heal our Selves

I Believe we can help others to awaken their own healing power

I believe in pure joy

I believe bliss lies in simplicity

I believe the answer to every issue becomes available when you open your mind to possibility

I believe that learning to live in the present moment is the key to uncovering 'the power of Self'

I believe laughter is powerful in its healing capacity

I believe compassion and love provide a gateway and safe passage through anger and fear to a new landscape of greater understanding and peace

I believe we set down our own Paths before we come here on this Journey and feel a comfortable fit as we unite with people and situations that allow us to reach our milestones.

I believe we are all "human connectors" between Mother Earth and the Divine. I believe wherever we have walked we leave a footprint of the Unity - a column of Light in our Path to shine for others.

 I believe everyday that I believe creates more to believe in.

I believe in the power of one.

I believe in the power of many - working together as One.

I believe in Believing.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Whatever flows from you - also flows around you

What kind of environment do you want to live in? what kind of relationships do you want to have? what would you like your marriage to be like? how would you like opportunities to come to you? how do you want to feel? how do you want others in your circle to feel? how do you want them to treat you?
Sit with these questions for a moment and then picture yourself in a swimming pool -swimming from one side to the other, the stroke you are using is the head-up breast stroke...from there you are able to smile at those swimming around you calmly moving through the water with barely a ripple of water moving around you.  Now picture yourself swimming across the same pool doing the front crawl fast and furiously, bent on reaching your goal regardless of anyone in your path, breathing and gasping and splashing your way to your destination not stopping to notice anything except the time on the clock marking your pace.
  Another picture the angels are showing us this morning is those people who prefer swimming in the river, going with the flow allowing tthe current to take them bobbing aand swirling along to their destination . Using the same analogy, the poeple who bob along the current for awhile and then when it gets too brisk and boisterous, maybe a bit challenging (this is usually in life where there is an imminent breakthrough) and THEN? those poeple grab the nearest rock or tree limb and hang on for dear life in spite of all the sticks and leaves and other floatables in the river that pile up on their back because they have created a blockage of flow and now have to bear the burden of their fear in this manner.
If you would like to live in an environment with peole and in relationships where you are able to keep your head up and greet those around you calmly and vice versa, getting to where you need to be in the time it takes to get there... then in your actions and words to yourSelf and to others today - picture smooth, clear flowing water emanating from you to those around you. Go with the flow, bend twist compromise, enJOY and feel the flow of compassion and love flow from your Self to others. Sure, there still may be some ripples --- but stay in the flow, be patient and the current will take you to where you need to go. 
Keep shining 'in your flow' !!  :)