Sunday, October 29, 2023

Calling on YOU! Your INTUITION. Are you tuned in?


Calling on YOU! Your INTUITION.       Are you tuned in? 

Thing is ...



It's important to understand how you have these incredible abilities within you. 

  Join me. 

Love you all 


so do your Angels, 


Monday, October 23, 2023

Right...ok! where is your EMOTIONAL Energy much is going in/out?


Right...ok! where is your EMOTIONAL Energy much is going in/out?  

The THING is....this is incredibly important in 'our daily' 

Where is your Emotional Energy at...what is going in...what is going out?  The thing 'daily' needs to be assessed on an ongoing basis.  

Listen, MANY of the amazing people I have been blessed to know...make it a priority to SHINE out to others. 

Some times I fall short. Some times, some days I fall WAY SHORT! lol....but it is still my intention. 

C'mon guys, you get it. MOST DAYS when your intentions are good then you are able to make 'some kind'  of help to others.  

From an Energy perspective...AND an Angel perspective...understand that YOU...ARE in a vehicle. An Emotional, Mental and Physical Energetic Vehicle.  More than likely, if you are continuing to read on then you are an Old Soul. 

You already understand that for your Vehicle (your triangle...your thoughts, feelings and physical Self) to be in need to share more with others. 

Share more of your thoughts and actions with your community. 

As we share...then others will share and so on and so on.  

Share openly, often and LOUDLY with others. Share your FULL heart. 

know why? 

Then YOUR HEART (and your mental, emotional and physical Self) GROWS STRONGER. 

Every One wins. 

Shine on. Love you do your Angels.


Thursday, October 19, 2023

Believe Me!! Your Angels are BANGING at your Door!! SPARKLE! let's go

and yes...I'm talking to you. big sigh....avoiding eye's just that...

You know what guys? YOU KNOW that a certain sparkle is dwindling. 

A certain "yup....ANOTHER DAY. " 

just saying...THAT'S ON YOU.  you own this behaviour, mindset, inner thoughts and so on. The best thing is that you can hear this Angel message and FEEL them working through you, with you.  They are guiding you....and it is up to you to HEAR it and SHARE your Sparkle. 

After are you. and you are BRILLIANT. 

C'mon. you know you are. take a minute and breathe (deep breath).... HEAVY breath out. 

feel your strength. ... in little and tiny steps forward. this is the best way. 

Love you all

So do your Angels