Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A GREAT place to START

Right now at this very moment is.....a great time to start.
Right now, where you find your Self at - in this moment!  - is a great PLACE to START.
Just decide that RIGHT NOW you WILL START.   It's just that easy.
Many great changes - NAY!  ALL great change begins with a decision to just START.

What should you start?  You KNOW what you should start.  There is one thing at the back (side? forefront?) of your mind that has been there for some time.  What started as a seed of an idea has grown and grown - taken shape in the recesses of your awareness - and now has become a more regular portion of your conscious mind.  THIS is what you can start on now.   Take a step forward on this and simply DECIDE TO BEGIN.

The road to your goal may seem long....it may even look like there are not any 'perks' along the way....or rest stops for that matter.  AND --- you may be right.  There MAY BE no perks or rest stops along the way, only one foot in front of the other....one step at a time....one moment at a time.
Conversely, there may be MANY bright spots along the way --- you WILL NOT KNOW ...until you begin.

The facts remain;
Whether you keep your head up, focused on your goal, keeping your gaze fixated on the finish line, marking your progress every centimetre at a time
Whether you keep your head down and know within your heart that you are moving forward in the right direction, regardless of time frame, regardless of who is watching - you are moving forward in the RIGHT direction and trust that all will fall into place as needed
Whether you tell EVERYONE your start time and map outline as your way of setting your intentions to the Universe and to all around -  that you are ON YOUR WAY
Whether you tell NO ONE at all, except your Self

There is no RIGHT WAY for starting.
You start in your own way, with your own intentions, your own rulebook, your own timekeeper (or not), your own guidance system
AND your own Angel Team guiding you along in the proper sequence of events .... tailor made FOR YOU, BY THEM.

If YOUR Angel Team is suggesting that YOU START today.....then simply decide to do so....it's the perfect time and place!

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Sending blessings to you, 
Stacey MacDonald

Thursday, September 19, 2013


There comes a point in time where all the details have been looked at, all the pro's have been slotted up against the con's, all the judgements have been waived, all the possible outcomes/shortcomings have been considered, all the action steps towards the goal have been taken, all the measures have been checked....and double checked......

Ok, so NOW what?  Well,  while we seem to have MASTERED the Art of Preparation for a shift, a change, an opportunity, a new pathway.....
AT SOME POINT we just have to take the leap.  We have to hit the GO button and let the ride take us to wherever it is we are going.   We have to trust. We have to MEET SQUARELY the results that come to us and embrace them as .....?   all part of the ride....meant to be.

Eventually, all rides come to an end just as different situations and experiences in our daily life also come to an end.  Whether we have enjoyed the last ride or not, we have learned from it and the REAL WINNING comes from .... getting on another ride.
Tuck all of your experiences into your 'vault of knowledge and wisdom' and keep going, keep experiencing, keep believing and keep trusting.  Your Angel Team has another ride, another experience tailor made just for you!  Enjoy the ride!

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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Plant the seed

What are you waiting for?  Plant - the - seed.  
Sometimes we can find ourselves waiting around for 'the harvest' and yet, we MISSED THE STEP of planting the seed!
Sometimes we wait around for the harvest and --- are expecting a BIG yield on the crop --- and yet...we have only planted ONE seed.
If you are expecting to have a bumper crop this year THEN you better have planted MANY seeds, watered them and tended to them throughout the season.
...and some seasons are longer than others... !

Are you getting me here?
As we go along our own individual life's journey, it is KEY that we continue to plant seeds along the way.  It doesn't take long to do it and can easily fit in with our daily schedule.
For example, some types of 'crops' you might expect to harvest from a seed planted today;
Seed - meditation   Harvest - Peace of mind
Seed - plenty of rest  Harvest - overall wellness
Seed - plenty of exercise    Harvest - overall wellness
Seed - be kind    Harvest - receive kindness
Seed - hope   Harvest - abundance
Seed - faith    Harvest - abundance
Seed - love and trust  Harvest - loving and loyal companions

and so on.
Plant some seeds today.  Some harvests come sooner than others....don't focus on the 'when'.....JUST KEEP PLANTING.

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Do you DREAM?  DID you DREAM??!  Oh dear, some of us USED TO dream and NOW....not so much.  hmmmm.

I challenge you to DREAM again.  Let your mind wander and REALLY FEEL what you would like to bring into your life, what you would like to do with your time, what would you do for your Self, what you would do for others....if only.....
NEVER MIND 'if only' !!   DREAM IT....and then TRUST.

YOU DON'T HAVE TO KNOW  'the how'!  HOW will I achieve this? HOW will I ever be able to raise enough money/influence/talent/confidence to GET there?
No, no plan.  Just believe.
Believe that your dream was given to you - for a reason.
So, if there is any 'plan' at all…
Your plan is to BELIEVE in you.
HOLD on to your dream.

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Monday, September 2, 2013

Are you WIRED?


How hard is it for you to just 'turn it off'?!  
Are you 'hard wired for BUSY'?  
Do you leap / crawl out of bed in the morning and JUST   S T A R T    G O I N G??!!
Go, go, go  - busy, busy, busy - it never stops.  Never.  When it starts to do a 'natural slow down'....
you DIAL IT BACK UP again!

I want to tell you and more importantly, your Angel Team wants to tell you that this is JUST NOT NORMAL behaviour people and it's JUST NOT HEALTHY.  Period.  
I wish we could sugar coat this for you except that sometimes what is needed is COLD TURKEY.  FULL STOP.   

If it makes you feel better you can 'hard wire' some time into your packed schedule for some DOWN time.  Write in "RELAX" onto your calendar....and then keep that appointment!  

Making sure that we have time for everything and everything in it's own time is Archangel Raguel.  Helping us to KNOW within our hearts that for all of our striving and efforting forward - THERE IS A LIMIT to this as to all things and when we feel like we are approaching, at or beyond our limit.....we MUST make time to simply relax.  

Whatever great things we have put into motion by our own effort will now become part of a bigger picture that will BRING TO US the realization of our dreams.  NOT by continuing to EFFORT NON-STOP but by building in a balance of effort and relax time into our DAILY schedule.   

So, come on down out of the tree, take the toothpicks from your eyes ..... and BREATHE!  
Go and DO something FUN! 

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