Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Angel numbers - 444

When you are looking for confirmation that your Angels are with you, be on the lookout for the number 444.  This is one of the strongest messages that your Angel team will send you that can assure you of their love, support and guidance.

Numbers are one of the easiest ways that our Angels are able to communicate with us - especially if you make the mental acknowledgement that you are 'paying attention' to numbers this works twofold 1. You are more consciously aware of numbers, repetitive/recurring numbers, number patterns and sequencing around you and 2. Your Angels KNOW that you are more aware and so will bring more of these into your field of awareness to ensure you 'get their message'.

444 is a direct message that you are SURROUNDED by your Angels 
who are offering you love, support and guidance. 
Feel their presence and KNOW that ALL IS WELL. 

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