Friday, April 29, 2022

FOCUS ON the FORWARD! BE in the NOW as you allow your Angels to bring you Forward.

WHO navigates a boat this way? .... by looking BEHIND. Who would confidently STARE at the wake the boat leaves BEHIND and feel that the boat was headed in the right direction? 

No one.  Not when they were navigating a boat. Heck no.  Why? 

Well, that boat is going to most likely run into the opposite aground....STUCK.  This could EASILY have been avoided...IF ONLY ....THE NAVIGATOR turned around FROM what has past and looked FORWARD. 

So I think most people are getting my analogy here.  

you are the Navigator of your life.  and many (maybe not you...well...maybe not all the time) of us spend at least some time looking BACK.  


Never mind. Get busy in the NOW.  THIS is where the amazing connections are to be made...with other people, with Nature...with powerful and positive opportunities to make AMAZING MEMORIES NOW.  

Ok, I hear you. This can be tough. We Know how the past has played out and sometimes are feeling daunted and do NOT KNOW HOW to look forward. 

questions we ask at this point; look forward to what? what would that look like? what would be on my list? ....just....stay open!  to looking forward. you don't need to have a plan.  just raise your hope and openness to it. believe. 

Believe me if you do that! Your Angels will hear you. They will (*eventually ...BELIEVE ME I KNOW.)..provide what I call a 'lightswitch moment'...where there has been no solution, there is no opportunity, there is no answer, there are no glimmers and then BAMMMMMM... the answer.  THEY DECIDE when it comes. and when it does it is awesome.  

**there are small answers along the way also and it is up to YOU to recognize them. (*just an Angel aside)

BELIEVE.  keep believing. 

**Warning**As long as you are looking back there is no hope and so there is no Angel connection. Period. sooo........

As you MOVE FORWARD...Keep in mind ok?  no need to LOOK back.  so much is to be gained by having a glance right now...forward (just hold the note of hope and positivity)..HOLD...wait a minute stay's worth it. 

Love you all and so do your Angels....they are with you - let them assist you in the navigation...but LOOK FORWARD. BE in the now as you allow your Angels to bring you Forward. 

Enjoy the view. FIXATE ON THE FORWARD.  They got you. 


Monday, April 25, 2022



Thing is ... we ALL (yes All) have this capability.  We all connect with these inner feelings. 

INSTINCT is when it's happening 'in the moment'. 

INTUITION is what/when it potentially may happen. 

It. ALL HAPPENS WHEN we are aware of our Claircognizance.  our GUT Feeling. 

This is how Spiritual Energy and Angel messages ARE ABLE to make them Selves known to us. 

PAY ATTENTION. They are speaking with you, to you, for you and through you. 

Love you all and so do your Angels,