Monday, January 30, 2012

Take a load off......

As defined in  "Take a load off" means to "Sit down, relax, as in I wish you'd take some time and take the load off. A shortening of take the load off one's feet, this colloquial phrase dates from about 1940.

Yes. I hear that. I hear that and I GET that. So does this guy. This big guy has also got the picture. The big picture. Taking a load off, sitting quietly in solitude, gazing at the breaking dawn, focusing on.....nothing? your breath? dozing off? gratitude?  yes!! YES!!! all of it ....and none of it. 

just - pause. Take a load off. mentally. physically. and CERTAINLY emotionally.
15 minutes can mean the world to your ability to rejuvenate and replenish your SELF on all levels.

Engaging in personal meditation, group meditation, chakra balancing techniques, Self Reiki are all experienced methods in 'taking a load off' - stripping away of life's mental, physical, emotional and spiritual clutter.  Try it. Enjoy it. FEEL it and let it carry you away to .....  your SELF.

Keep shining!
Stacey MacDonald is a Reiki Master providing Reiki treatment and Reiki Training from Oakville, ON

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Break away! Be free!  Follow your intuition!  Stay? Go? 
Bottom line is....there is sometimes just as much to be gained from 'staying in the line up' as there is to .... breaking away - at a gallop!
Some days when you are standing in the lineup, the way forward seems slow and tedious - though predictable and not even a little bit uncomfortable or scary....WHY?  because you are with the group. you are THE SAME. you take one on the chin? the group takes one on the chin. all good.  ...sometimes.

Some days you wake up and you go to take your place in the lineup and.....THE LINEUP IS GONE!  wha?! where did the?!? 
This is the type of scenario that your Angels will place in front of you if you have had difficulty breaking free from the lineup previously.  You see, EVEN IF you are in the lineup day after day, week after week, it is SO IMPORTANT to break the line, cut the line, TAKE OFF for a little while to go where you intuition is calling you (Your Angel team will also inspire you with ideas, inspirations for said 'breaks' and/or tempt you with different groups of friends, associates, learning environments, weekend getaways etc ....LISTEN AND ACT WHEN THEY GIVE YOU THESE TIPS!!! Chances NEED to break the line!)
When you get used to 'breaking the line' now and then - your days become more interesting, you feel invigorated, challenged, infused with your own sense of direct communication with your Angels and guides....they are ALWAYS looking out for YOU and finding areas for you where you are able to GROW, RECHARGE and BE INSPIRED.
So, yes! EnJOY the lineup AND enJOY turning 90 degrees and 'breaking the line' whenever you hear your intuition directing you :)
Shine on!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Power of Movement - Yoga Challenge to Beat Arthritis

 Stacey MacDonald is proud to be one of the

The Power of Movement Ambassadors

 I am proud to be affililiated with The Clarity Centre, Oakville ( and am happy to be able to offer Reiki treatments and as an Angel Therapy practitioner, offer Angel Readings for donation (20 minutes for $20 - 100% donation to the cause, contact Centre for booking) through The Clarity Centre to benefit The Power of Movement on March 4, 2012 in Oakville.

See you there and thank you for supporting a worthy cause! Keep shining!

Stand tall

Hold your head up and look out at the vista surrounding you. Keep your chin high as you lift your eyes even higher and focus on your dreams and ideals. Visualize your dreams and goals aligning with you on your path.  Keep your gaze fixed and focused forward as sometimes it may seem like everything around you is teetering precariously like a house of cards.....but it's not.  Nothing is teetering, nothing is wavering...not even your gaze....not even your dreams....and not even your ability to get to where you would like to go.
Eyes steady as you fearlessly, steadily and confidently move to the direction of your dreams.
Shine on.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Stop WHINING!! and just do it!!

"Do one thing a day that scares you"

SO TRUE!! and thank you Eleanor Roosevelt as I quote you (yet again! Her words are so inspiring).
To get to where you truly want to get to in your heart, on your path - emotionally, physically, spiritually, sometimes financially, MUST TAKE THAT LEAP OF FAITH and GET OUT THERE and do something, go somewhere, say something, take action in an area where you are being called to do, be, go.
you don't want to?
SO WHAT?! stop whining and go anyway!!
no really - get going.
Sometimes you get to a point on your path where the road looks kind of frightening, daunting or maybe just a little uncomfortable.....but the point is - THAT IS the way forward. 
Once you are on your path, you can't go just can't - that is NEVER the way it works. So if you choose to turn away from the bumpy bits then are NOT going forward, and since you CAN'T go are simply STUCK.....standing there staring at what you could, should, would be doing if you had the gumption, courage, FAITH to move forward ....every day.
SO GO!! Take a chance and feel the power within yourself as you CELEBRATE YOUR WIN!  Your step out of your comfort zone and into THE MAGIC!!
See you there!  Shine a little of your magic my way :)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Reiki Share

Hello!! We are hosting Reiki Share evenings every 3rd Wednesday of each month at the Clarity Centre - suggested donation $20 to go to a charity announced that evening.  Please join our new Meetup page at   Oakville Reiki Share for more information and to register.
Thanks and I look forward to connecting with you all!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Which of these colours are you????

Colour is enlivening, tells a story, brings out different emotions, shores us up, and on the other hand can sometimes make us feel uncomfortable....energizes, calms, fires us up etcetcetc.
We all are drawn to our own set of colours for our wardrobing, decorating, advertising you are drawn to etc. as certain colours draw your own personal attention. The particular colour can change from day to day, hour to hour, moment by moment - as your personal emotions, situation, relationships does your connection with different colours as each part of your emotional and spiritual body reacts and acts within different circumstances -  you are using each part of your internal energy system to do so.....and part of your internal energy system are your Chakras....the energy centres within your body that keep your own internal energy, your prana, your chi......moving at maximum capacity and benefit to your physical, emotional and spiritual body.
I am always drawn to yellow ..... that is the colour of the Solar Plexus chakra and as long as I can remember I have always drawn the colour yellow (great BIG YELLOW sun on my doodle pages at school) thought of the colour yellow, wished for and visualized often a great big yellow truck, been drawn to bright yellow cushions and towels to spruce up a decorating scheme....

The Solar Plexus chakra  represents sense of self, ego, self esteem, willpower, and ability to get things done.  When it is open, balanced and clear of blockages this Solar plexus chakra assists us with all of these areas and more. When it is 'glutted' or blocked, problems can arise as well as when it is overloaded, more issues may present themselves with regards to self confidence, forward motion etc. By envisioning (through meditation of light visualization through out the day) the colour yellow, you can put a focus on this chakra and while doing some deep breathing ... you can assist and strengthen this chakra within yourself. For a deeper clearing and balancing of each chakra, a Reiki treatment may benefit you.
For a very brief idea on which colour is associated with each chakra and thereby having a better understanding of  which of these colours you are drawn to and an inkling as to the 'why'..... please see below,

Root chakra              - red       foundation, security
Sacral chakra           - orange  creativity, freedom
Solar plexus chakra - yellow  self confidence, self esteem
Heart chakra            - green    ability to give and receive love, self and others
Throat chakra          - blue      speak your truth, self and others
Third eye Chakra    -  purple  ability to see the truth, use imagination
Crown Chakra         - white    spirituality, connection to Higher Source

An indepth study of each chakra, and much more can be gained during a Usui Reiki Level I course. 
Stacey MacDonald   is a  Reiki Master / Teacher   in Oakville ,ON

Friday, January 13, 2012

2012 - the year to GET REAL

So this is it - this is the year. Sure, other years have been about other things - maybe losing weight, maybe getting that promotion, maybe ordering up that renovation, maybe trying to be in the 'popular group',  finally taking that course you have wanted to for awhile, find the relationship you have always dreamed of hopefully with 'the one', plan that dream vacation, get a permanent postition at a job of your choice, plan more free time.....and on and on and on....
This year truly has the potential to be 'the end of the world as we know it....and I feel fine' (thank you R.E.M.) except the type of  'end' we are talking about is having the ability to put an end to any and all pretenses ...... AND!  We all have the power to feel MORE than fine, better than fine.....fantastic in fact, better than ever.  We all have and hold the POTENTIAL for this to be true.....will you meet the challenge?

Turns out, not much of a challenge actually and more of a PERSPECTIVE CHANGE. This challenge does not require any muscle or mental stamina, hours of studying and documenting, striving against the odds to make it to the finish line........ahhhhhhhh, no.
This 'challenge' is all about opening up and tweaking your perspective of who you are - more importantly who you THINK you are.... to your Self, to others, for others, in front of others vs. in front of Self, how you communicate, demonstrate your talents and strengths, show your weakness, how you present your Self (to others and to your Self) etc.
  Is it really YOU? 
Dial back a little while, a long while, minutes, days, years, decades, a few decades (ha! dating myself!!) does THAT you measure up to TODAY'S you?  does one recognize the other?  have you completely morphed?  Is there a way to 'keep the good points' and 'drop some other points' that may not be working for you as well as you had hoped??' 
Time to GET REAL folks. BE YOU. period. Be polished you, confident you, happy you, sad you, frustrated you, worried you, celebratory you, awkward you, stick-your-foot-in-your-mouth you (but have the best intentions you!!) -almost like awkward you but sometimes this bears mentioning twice! ESPECIALLY when we are first getting comfortable putting REAL US out there ....YES! there are going to be some 'cringe faces' (usually done to Self) but DON'T put your Self back in the closet yet!! KEEP GOING! 
and be proud of ALL OF YOU that you put out there. You are being YOU honestly, clearly, cleanly and living with the best of intentions for all you encounter and are able to shine your 'best you' forward. 
CELEBRATE THAT! and feel the simple and energizing energy that comes along with it!
Thank you for taking time to share with the REAL ME and I thank you for sharing the REAL YOU.
Shine on.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Savour the sparkle

Savour the sparkle. Indulge yourself in wonder. Allow your Self to be awed by the beauty around you. Stare openly at marvellous happenings. Drink in the miraculous ways in which we are shown we are all connected. Allow the wave of acceptance to wash over you as you allow your Self to be shown different ways, better ways, more simple ways.....of 'be'ing. Slow down and savour the sparkle. See it and FEEL it in the conversations around you. Show it in the smile you give, a shared comment, a mutual 'nothing'.  A feeling of belonging, of comradery, of partnership and friendship with mutual benefit .... feel the glow. See it, feel it, be it - be the sparkle.  Be it for someone else. Be it for your Self. and savour it.
Shine on my friends. :)

Goddess Evening at The Clarity Centre hosted by Che Marville

Empowerment & Connection to the Goddess With In with Che Marville

Experience the empowerment and wellbeing that come from connecting to the mysterious and divine part of us. Create your own transformative practice for compassionate listening and living to your deepest self. This program is for men and women, the Goddess dwells in all humans Led By: Che Marville Cost: 85.00 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Become an Angel Light Certified Practitioner - ALCP

Angel Light Certified Practitioner (ALCP)

Connect with the Angels for yourself and for others!     
    gain an in-depth knowledge  and understanding of each of the 15 main Archangels   
    learn how to connect with them to facilitate messages for yourself and others 
    work with Archangel Michael to clear negative energy to assist with Life Path     
    learn how the Angels communicate with you through numbers, colours & crystals    
    develop your intuition through practical exercises     
    understand how to interpret Angel messages and guidance   
    experience practical hands-on Angel card readings for yourself and others

ALCP Course Manual provided
 All participants receive an Angel Light Certified Practitioner  (ALCP) certificate.

Instructor - Stacey MacDonald
Certified Angel Therapy  practitioner  ®
Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master/Teacher
Intuitive Life Path Guide
Energy Healer

Healing with Archangel Raphael

Friday Feb 3/11
7-9 pm pm

Learning how to connect with Archangel Raphael, his signature traits and how to surround yourself with his healing energy will all be covered throughout our evening. Working closely with Archangel Raphael (the Healing Archangel) we will spend the evening  clearing, cleansing  and setting healing intentions towards any personal issue, health problem, relationship or situation you would like to clear and/or strengthen - or any other topic you would like to extend healing energy towards. 

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Believe.....why not??!

It is better to believe than to disbelieve;
in so doing, you bring everything to the realm of possibility.

(Albert Einstein)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hold on tight to your dreams....

Man, I love that song! and I woke up with it playing in my head this morning and it's been on a 'loop' all naturally, the message comes with it and here it is!....
If you have a dream....then it is yours to hold on to. Don't let it go. Don't let it fade away. Hold it up there and out there for everyone to see!  (especially you - YOU have to be able to see and feel and examine and appreciate and get accustomed to your dream being a daily part of YOU) It is real. It is palpable.
Do you remember a dream you used to have...YEARS AGO!! DECADES back....well, start clearing away the rubble, reach way down and RESURRECT that dream! It IS YOURS and you have every right to it. Once it is dusted it off, you will find that you have every bit the connection to it that you had before....dialling back through the years - this dream rekindles the spark and fire within you that you have not seen or felt for a long while....this dream is worth holding on to - hold on tight.
This dream....
Has it happened yet? no. Are there steps that have led you closer to it? maybe. Will there be more steps shown to you that will lead you even closer? 
ONLY IF YOU ALLOW YOUR SELF TO SEE, FEEL AND HOLD ON TIGHT TO YOUR DREAM every day. It IS  a part of you. Your dream was placed within you for a reason. Your Angel Team have given you this dream and they will give you the steps, opportunities, 'chance encounters' that will lead you closer to achieving it.
YOU DON'T HAVE TO KNOW 'the how'!!! (HOW will I achieve this? HOW will I ever be able to raise enough money/influence/talent/confidence to GET there? WHAT IS MY PLAN?)
no plan.
just believe.
Believe that your dream was given to you
for a reason
and your plan???? 
is to BELIEVE in it.
is to BELIEVE in you.
HOLD on tight to your dreams.
Thank you E.L.O.
and thank you Angels....
I believe I will.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Be your Self....always.

Allow your Self to simply be.  your Self.
 So simple and so 'free-ing' is this state of mind as you allow your Self to shine.  Any petty annoyances, irritations,  ego-challenges (real or imagined!!) can be simply swept away as you remind your Self that you are simply you. 
  and this YOU is doing the best that YOU can do.
 Regardless of external factors - the internal is the constant
- the internal weather forecast is calm, peace and strength all rolled together.
Be your Self.
and keep shining it out there!!! :)