Friday, June 23, 2023

Do what is RIGHT not because it's EASY...YOU KNOW WHY?


It's just that when you DO WHAT'S RIGHT you have the Distinct PRIVILEGE of meeting and connecting with others who have chosen this path. Very cool. It's so amazing to meet and connect with others who also choose to do the 'right thing'

Easy is good...for those who choose it. Way ya go. it's all good. Do that. (sometimes...*** 'Easy definition' is also a slippery slope...WHEN there is not the focus on Good) ...let's get to that... where are we?

it's different. Both are good. 

Both of these areas are subjective and (somewhat may) contain judgement. (right & easy)

Which in my 'my daily' as I like to say....I strive to ensure that 'judgement' has no place in my life as after all...I live in (as they say) ....'a glass house'. Angels!! Ensure that All feel loved and supported! C'mon!! 

HERE'S THE THING...YA ready? 'What is right' looks differently to everyone...based on current life experience, frame of reference and also with the folks I am blessed to connect with ...past and current life experience. what's right. RIGHT. for you resonate with it. Only you know what is 'right' for you and your relationships in your own circle and ...that is SO GOOD. 

EASY...IS being GOOD with what resonates with you RIGHT NOW. AND with your Circle. 

RIGHT...Is being GOOD with what resonates with you RIGHT NOW. AND with your Circle. 


I guess we're GOOD...and RIGHT...we get to take the EASY path...because we have so many others cheering us on! 

Ya with me? 

Love you all and so do your Angels, 

Be GOOD. your Angels have your back.  Do GOOD. 

Ya hear me? ... just love ya! ...ok good. !!


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